Shelves: favorites , romance-and-life , short-story-romance , fave-books-of , books-of , contemporary-romance , book-boyfriends UPDATE!!!! Once again Lietha Wards has taken me by surprise with her work! This was one of my absolute favourites! I loved the story, the characters and especially the romance.

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She also had four brothers. The big problem was that her brothers were all womanisers and Brianne was scared of men. When her oldest brother, Jeb, first met Brianne, he became determined to make her his own, despite her fears. This ebook is also available for purchase in Kindle format.

She and Cara met when they ended up Roommates in the dorm and instantly hit it off. What if she did something to offend them? It worried her that she might put her friendship at risk with her, because she never had anyone that showed her such consideration before in her life. My brothers have two full-time and two part-time secretaries, but during the summer business triples.

Cara groaned and rolled her eyes, "You have no idea the amount of woman that strut through the office trying to gain attention of any one of my brothers especially Rem and Gabe. After a moment of contemplation Brianne rolled her eyes, "Who could say no to you? Cara was a wonderful person and very likable. It was obvious that she was outrageously spoiled from the amount of phone calls and spending money she got from the four of them. As for her buttering her up, that was out of the question.

Her father was an alcoholic and used to beat her up until cirrhosis of the liver claimed his life when she was twelve. Unfortunately she never knew or remembered her mother. She left when she was just an infant.

Then again, her past experiences with men had a negative impact on her life and her opinion of them. Every man in her life that displayed a temper also had violent tendencies. She was sure she had experienced more broken bones than a stunt man in her young life.


Lumber and Lace




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