In she was appointed to a Chair in Sociology at the University of Manchester , where she was Head of Department from — Professor Skeggs was an honorary professor at the University of Warwick, and has received honorary doctorates from Stockholm University, Aalborg University and the University of Teesside her home town. The understandings of class in Formations were developed in Class, Self, Culture , which critiques the idea of the self and explores the different ways class circulates as a form of value as it attaches to different bodies. Skeggs explores affect and the self alongside an introduction to Bourdieu. Her methodological approach was first elaborated in Feminist Cultural Theory: Production and Process , an edited collection that brings together feminists from across disciplines literature, film, design, media, law, sociology to discuss how they went about producing their classic texts in cultural studies.

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Conclusions This book is brilliant. Formations of Class and Gender is a sophisticated and passionately written account of the classed and gendered identities of a small group of working-class white women who live in the north-west of England.

It is ethnography at its best, having been built on long-term, thoughtful engagements in the field. More than eleven years later, the production of this text testifies to the quality of theoretical analysis which can be produced if only those who fund research or press for lists of publications were willing to acknowledge that leading edge work normally requires real time.

The text is concerned with the production of cultural and social relations and is located within an analytical framework which draws on the work of Bourdieu Overall the text is a robust piece of writing which I have already recommended as required reading to my research students. For this reason alone, it should be required reading. International Journal of Cultural Studies In a discipline that boasts a high division of labour, this book goes a long way in dismantling the futile divide between class theory and feminism.

It is an articulate and impassioned ethnography, fuelled by an anger of inequality but also an anger at those who are reluctant to challenge it. At a time when sociologists seem less concerned with the tangible and more interested in the abstract, Skeggs shows how these can be used productively together; theory becomes a means to an end rather than an end in itself This book really deserves to be read and taken seriously.

It is a good example of responsible research which seeks to bring out the pains and humour of working- class life and the ways in which people negotiate their environments In our present political climate, what work could be more important than that? Paul Johnson.


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