Working with Lovedrop and Matador, Mystery set about re-thinking what a student needs to develop a mastery of pickup, and the results, well, they speak for themselves. It covers the theory and practice of pickup with depth and sophistication. Primarily written by Lovedrop — who is an excellent writer and instructor — this ebook contains tons of fantastic material, with lots of contributions by Mystery and Matador. This book is deep and sophisticated, and requires a fair bit of willingness to work with it. It is a good choice for raw beginners as it is extremely challenging and really forces you to work outside your comfort zone.

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He has also been assisted in this project by two other experienced pick-up artists, Stan Tayi Matador and Chris Odom Lovedrop.

So, what can you expect from Venusian Arts Revelations? The e-book provides an in-depth description of pick up artistry. It shows a clear look at the social matrix, which gives the reader the ability to understand everything about social interactions and also provides many unique and simple tips to support you in acting naturally to cancel out artificial dating behaviours you might have developed over time.

The book covers subjects from the 5 primary emotions you must instill in a woman before you can hope to begin a sexual relationship with her to setting the vibe in your house for her maximum comfort this chapter even comes with photos!

What the 3 authors manage to do is write in such a compelling and well structured way, that you will almost feel an expert by the time you have finished reading, even before your first test run! One thing I would say is that Revelation is not aimed solely at the newbie pick-up artist. With new instruments being supplied to the reader like microcalibration — a technique that allows you to tweak your game in the middle of an interaction, depending on the subtle nuances and reactions of the woman in question — this is also aimed at the more experienced and sophisticated pick-up artist.

The price tag may put some people off, but if you really are serious about learning how to approach and attract women from some of the best in the business, then this really is an essential purchase. Although some of the methods are of an intermediate to experienced nature, no matter what level you are at, this is one of the best books in this field out there.

It contains information on everything you will ever need and will give you a clear understanding of social interactions so you see them on a whole new level.


Venusian Arts – Revelation – The Vault DVD



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Venusian Arts – Revelation [10 AVI, 1 PDF]


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