Plot[ edit ] Because his mother is dying of a terminal disease, David Benny Moshe runs away from an abusive father and lives with other homeless children in a series of large concrete construction pipes. After getting involved in a murder committed by Butcher during a mugging, Tsotsi and Boston get into a fight which leaves Boston badly injured. Tsotsi later shoots Pumla Nambitha Mpumlwana , a young woman, while stealing her car , only to discover a three-month-old baby boy in the back seat. Tsotsi hastily strips the car of its valuables and takes the baby back to his shack.

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Tsotsi decides they will head to the train station where their unsuspecting victim, Gumboot Ghalimini, begins to head home to his wife. Tsotsi targeted Gumboot for three reasons: he smiled, he wore a flaming red tie, and he bought his ticket with money from his pay packet. After everyone does their part in the murder and robbery they leave gumboots lifeless body on the train to be discovered by the other passengers. As they start drinking they begin to talk about Boston getting sick and throwing up during the murder of Gumboot.

When the others leave Boston begins to question Tsotsi about what he feels. Chapter 3 After beating Boston, Tsotsi leaves the she been and takes a walk through the street. As he walks he begins to have a flashback, he sees a boy named Petah being taken away by the police, as he is being taken away he looks down the street and recognizes Tsotsi as David, his name before he changed it to Tsotsi.

Tsotsi does not acknowledge the fact that Petah recognized him and just continues his game of dice. As Tsotsi lay under a tree he begins to hear what he recognizes as footsteps, as he hears them come closer and closer he moves to get a better vantage point and sees a young woman as.

As he studied her more he began to recognize the symptoms of fear and sees that she was carrying a small parcel and kept checking over her shoulder. Tsotsi grabs her by one arm and swings her into the darkness of the trees, as he pins her against the tree she takes the parcel and thrusts it into the hands of Tsotsi and runs off.

The lid slips off and Tsotsi finds himself looking at the face of a young baby boy. Nervously Cassim sends his wife into the back room to round up their children in case Tsotsi tries to mug them, Tsotsi goes up to the counter and asked to buy some milk.

After buying the condensed milk Tsotsi takes the baby back to his room to clean it and feed it, after the baby is all clean and fed he takes him to the ruins to hide him. Tsotsi just broke one of his three rules: never ask questions about the past. Chapter 5 Gumboot Dhlamini is buried and the pastor who is doing his burial is sorely troubled after burying another man whose name no one knows.

Boston awakes from his state of unconsciousness and moves for the first time in almost a day. Butcher and Die Aap begin to talk about Tsotsi beating Boston and begin to wonder what the future holds for their gang. Tsotsi, Butcher and Die Aap find each other and begin to do what they do on any other night, sit around and drink waiting for Tsotsi to make the decision of what job they will do.

Chapter 6 Tsotsi, Butcher, and Die Aap wait for the shadows to become long enough so that when they are they can head to terminal place. As Morris continues on his way home he realizes that Tsotsi is following him, he hopes that if he continues on his way he will lose Tsotsi before he has to go through the dark part of his journey. He stops for some food at the Bantu house and then continues on his way.

He leaves his money in a pile underneath a light hoping Tsotsi would just take the money and leave him alone. When Tsotsi kicks the money and continues walking towards Morris he begins to throw rocks and shout insults in order to defend himself. Tsotsi confronts Morris in the street and tells him that he feels for him, after he does this Morris tells him why he wants to live.

After he tells Tsotsi all the reasons he wants to live he confronts him about why Tsotsi has to kill him. Tsotsi then decides he will find out who he is and what happened in his past. Chapter 8 Boston awakes to the sound of church bells begins to think about his faith in God. Tsotsi returns to the ruins to find the baby covered head to toe in ants and instead of leaving it he cleans the ants off the baby.

We then are taken to Waterworks square where a young mother by the name of Miriam Ngidi waits in the long line to get to the tap. Miriam is a single mother because one day her husband, Simon, left and never returned. Tsotsi takes her to his room and forces her to feed the baby. Miriam feeds and cleans off the baby. Chapter 9 Tsotsi begins to remember his past, he begins to see his old home and how happy he was living with his mother. Eventually the flashback leads him to the events that happened on the day that his mother was taken to jail.

As he father returns after being away from the family for a long time he becomes furious when he finds out his wife has been taken to prison. During the outrage the father kicks the dog breaking its back, the dog then gives birth to a litter of pups who soon die. David then runs away from home where he is welcomed to the river gang which is lead buy a boy named Petah.

He then decides to abandon his identity and start his life under the new name Tsotsi. Chapter 10 Die Aap visits Tsotsi to ask about the next job, Tsotsi tells him that the gang has been disbanded and that he would no longer be doing the jobs that they used to. Die Aap leaves after him and Tsotsi hear the baby cry. Tsotsi then takes out the baby; staring at it he finally realizes that the baby is helping him remember his past. Tsotsi tells Miriam that the babies name was David and that he was notches father but David belonged to him.

Miriam leaves and gives Tsotsi some milk for the baby, Tsotsi takes David back to the ruins and begins to wonder where Boston was and leaves to go and find him. Chapter 11 Tsotsi eventually finds Boston passed out of the floor of a bar. Tsotsi helps him up and carries him back to his house to take care of him. Fugard begins to reveal to us the life that Boston has lead, how he was mistakenly expelled from college, how he illegally sold fake passbooks to people and then how a guy as smart as he became a part of the gang.

As Boston awakes Tsotsi begins to tell him about his experience with Morris and asks him questions about how he is changing. Boston tells him that they are all sick of life and seek God.

Boston then leaves in search of his mother. Chapter 12 Isaiah sits in the church garden planting flowers where Tsotsi, who was on his way to seek redemption from God, finds him he explains how he works for God and that when he rings the church bell it calls to all the other people who believe in god and invites him back next time the bells ring to find God. Tsotsi then finds Miriam again to feed the baby. As she feeds the baby Tsotsi realizes that mothers really do love their children and that in order for you to move into the future you have to let your past go.

After he goes to church Tsotsi then decides that he will go back to his childhood name, David Mondondo. As he heads back to the ruins he hears bulldozers taking down the walls, he runs into the building only focused on one thing, finding the baby. He runs straight to the corner where the baby lay, where he and the baby would be crushed by the ceiling.

The workers who recover his body minutes later agree that his smile was beautiful and strange for a Tsotsi. Share this:.


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