The reflection of all the incoming pleasure is called Rosh head. This is the structure of the soul Kli, vessel, corrected altruistic desire, Partzuf or spiritual body. We call the parts of the spiritual structure by the names of our physiological body: head, body, and limbs. There are five parts in the Rosh head : skull — Galgalta, eyes — Eynaim, ears — Awznaim, nose — Hotem, and mouth — Peh.

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How many petals has a rose? A thirteen-petalled rose; photo by Rod Borghese. Thirteen, according to the Zohar, the great Kabbalistic classic of the Middle Ages. The rose in your garden is an irrelevancy. Worse than an irrelevancy. The roses that we know are the products of generations of cultivation and cross-breeding.

This information from the website of the Marin Rose Society. So what? Who cares? So plenty. We need to care. Solomon Maimon. I pretended that my object was merely to do good and guard against evil. The preacher consented, but at the same time said that certain preparations on my part were required. Three days in succession I was to fast, and each day to recite sundry Yihudim.

These are Kabbalistic forms of prayer, whose occult meaning aims at producing in the intellectual world sexual unions by means of which certain results are to be brought about in the physical. At once I hurried to the Bet Hamidrash, the Jewish academy, went up to one of my comrades, and gave him a vigorous box on the ear.

He was not indolent, and returned the blow with interest. I started back in astonishment; I could not understand how he had been able to discover me, as I had observed the instructions of the preacher with the utmost accuracy.

The rose has more or fewer than 13 petals—blame it on the sinfulness of the rose. The invisibility experiment fails—blame it on the unworthiness of the experimenter. For example: The subordination of women. Trouble is, that place is firmly subordinated to that of the Male.

A lot of what the Zohar says about the Sitra Ahra makes shuddery good reading, especially around Halloween time. Which is not exactly good for human relationships. The sacralization of sex. This is a bad thing? The sexual act becomes something divine, a replication of the sacred orgasms by which the cosmos is sustained. Which is, to put it bluntly, nuts.

And not an amusing kind of nuttiness. So in what way can we appreciate Kabbalah, even learn from it, without allowing ourselves to be damaged by it?


The Thirteen Petalled Rose: A Discourse on the Essence of Jewish Existence and Belief

The title of the book comes from the symbolic image used to represent the People of Israel in the opening lines of the mystical Jewish text known as the Zohar. The Thirteen Petalled Rose addresses profound topics like good and evil, Divine revelation, the human soul, holiness, ethical ways of life, the Torah and its commandments, the search for the self, and the nature of spiritual worlds and their relationship to the physical. Nothing can be simpler. Nothing can be more difficult.


The Thirteen Petalled Rose

Rabbi Steinsaltz is trully a brilliant, erudite, and sublime personage. I hold him in high regard for many reasons into which I will not delve in this space. He explicates the levels of existence, the importance of both good and evil angels, the complexity of the soul and so forth. His writing coasts like an eagle on an air current.

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