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Using clear and detailed explanations and highly effective illustrations the text illuminates the connections between mind, brain, and behavior in the realm of sensation and perception. Seamlessly integrating classic findings with cutting edge research in psychology, physiology and neuroscience Sensation and Perception 2e explores what questions researchers are seeking to answer to today and the methods of investigation they are using.

Sensation and Perception, Second Edition, now includes 15 chapters, including separate chapters on motion perception, perception for action, olfaction, and gustation, and a new appendix on noise and signal detection theory The new edition introduces new coauthor Richard A. Abrams Washington University. Pedagogical Features Each chapter features a wide array of pedagogical features aimed at supporting student mastery of the chapter content. LaunchPad Solo for Sensation and Perception LaunchPad solo for Sensation and Perception allows students to reinforce their knowledge of course content using expertly designed interactive activities.

In the more than 40 topic-relevant demonstrations and activities students are provided opportunities to: interact with simulations of perceptual processes that are best presented dynamically; test their own perceptual abilities works as a researcher as they manipulate experimental factors and interpret the consequences reinforce their learning via drag and drop activities.

All Launchpad Solo demonstrations end with multiple choice Test Yourself questions checking students understanding of the activities key concepts. Further all activities features in-depth explanations tied to the coverage within the textbook. Abrams Richard A. He studied engineering and psychology as an undergraduate at Columbia University and received a PhD in experimental psychology at the University of Michigan.

After graduate school, he joined the faculty at Washington University, where he has been ever since. Members of his laboratory use mostly behavioral methods measuring response times, tracking hand and eye movements to probe perception and attention as people carry out tasks.

He has taught courses including experimental psychology and sensation and perception for over thirty years. New Coverage Chapter 7, Perceiving Motion and Chapter 8, Perception for Action offer expanded discussions of areas previously covered in a single combined chapter. Chapter 14, Olfaction: Perceiving Odors and Chapter 15, Gustation: Perceiving Tastes and Flavors also offer expanded discussions of areas previously covered in a single combined chapter.

New Appendix: Noise and Signal Detection Theory previously in Chapter 1 Updated research, applications, and references throughout, to give students a thoroughly contemporary overview of sensation and perception studies. New Look This edition offers an updated design, with many additional photos supplementing numbered figures to further illustrate key points in the text.


Sensation and Perception



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