The rear spoiler, which has been optimized during extensive wind tunnel testing, turns the C3 PRO into a real sport helmet, demonstrating outstanding aerodynamic properties at high speeds in excess of mph. The inner lining is made of carefully selected materials such as COOLMAX, Interpower and Thermocool and has been extensively re-shaped and redesigned setting high benchmarks with respect to comfort. This permits the rider to concentrate on riding — particularly at higher speeds. Many hours in the Schuberth acoustics wind tunnel have ensured that the C3 Pro is as quiet as Schuberth could make it. The comprehensive acoustics package with optimized helmet shell, wind deflector and ergonomic shape of the neck padding make the C3 Pro — at 82 dBA — one of the quietest helmets on the market.

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C3 Pro Women version specifically designed to fit the female facial structure. New spoiler on the rotating flip-up visor. Claimed 2 dB reduction in noise levels from the C3. Revised ventilation system with new top vent scoop. Revised chin vent claimed to provide more ventilation. Revised mesh in neck collar said to improve air flow. New additional exhaust vents in the EPS liner. The liner has been revised with updated fabric, more padding and new construction.

The amount of fabric in the forehead area has been improved with seam-welded construction to minimize pressure. The chin strap is adjustable on both sides and has revised anchor point for less pressure on the throat, addressing some owner complaints.

Revised eye port with new gasket for improved sealing. Improved face shield rotating mechanism with five detents. New sun visor shape and material with anti-scratch coating. Claimed to prevent deformation and hazing. Reworked chin bar parts with new slots for better venting, less draft.

New anchors for wind cuff. The blue has a very vibrant hue with a tiny metalflake background that really pops. As expected, all of the moving parts on the C3 Pro work with a precise feel. One of the complaints we had with the C3 was thin padding in the liner and the revised and thicker padding in the C3 Pro addresses that more on the optional liner in the next section. Also, the quality of the liner fabric and the padding overall seems improved, which makes the helmet more comfortable.

The face shield and rotating flip-up visor both have a precise feel in their movements and the face shield is easy to remove and replace. The lower-profile micro-lock chin strap retainer is a very welcome addition; many C3 owners said that the previous chin strap was positioned too far back in the helmet and it pressed against the throat. The combination of the thinner retainer mechanism and moving the strap forward gives the C3 Pro a much better comfort level.

See the Summary Table at the end of this review for a description of the rating system. The standard C3 Pro liner in the XL size helmet can be replaced with a C3 liner to make a half-size smaller fit. Usually but not always , a size L is a and an XL is a As of , that liner is no longer made and no longer in stock. But the helmet with the standard liner was indeed too large for my head, so I installed the optional liner and never looked back.

It worked! New top vent and slider on the C3 Pro.


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