Graphics used in this manual are for illustration purposes. The actual products may vary. No part of this user manual may be reproduced, distributed, translated, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or storing in any information storage and retrieval system, without the prior written permission of Samsung Electronics. More information about Bluetooth is available at www. Doing this may cause the headset to malfunction or become combustible.

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Headset HM Samsung HM - page 2 English Samsung HM - page 4 2 Appendi x Frequently asked questions No pa r t of this us er manua l may b e repr oduced, distrib uted, t ranslat ed, or transmi tted in any form or by any mea ns, ele ctronic or mecha nical, i ncluding photoc opying , reco rding, or sto ring in any informa tion Samsung HM - page 6 4 Please read all Safety precautions before using your headset to ensure safe and proper use.

Safety precautions When using your headset while driving, follow local r egulations in the region you are in. Samsung HM - page 9 English 7 Charging the headset This headset has a rechargeable internal battery which is non-removable. Make sure the headset is fully charged before using it f or the first time.

Use only Sam sung-appr oved charger s. Unau thorized or Non- Samsung c hargers could cause damage to the headset or in ext reme cir cumstan ces an explosio n, it c ould This is normal f or all rechargeable batteries.

Checking the battery level T o check the battery level, pres Samsung HM - page 11 English 9 W earing the headset Depen ding on which ea r you a re goin g to we ar the headset, simply adjust the ear hook accordingly. Y ou can also use the optional ear rubbers instead of the e ar hook. Remove the earp iece co ver and attach the e ar rubbe r. The n, rota te the ear rubb er left o r right sligh tly dep ending o n which e ar you are Samsung HM - page 12 10 Using y our headset This section explains how to turn th e headset on, pai r and c onnect to the pho ne, and use var ious functions.

Activated functions and features may diff er depending on the phone t ype. The blue indicator light flashes 4 times. If the headset is turn ed on f or the f irst tim e, it w ill go i nto P airing m ode imme diately and the Pairing mode stays f or 3 minutes. T o turn the headset off Slide down the power switch. The indicator light Wit h the he adset tu rned on, press a nd hold the Ta lk butt on for 3 secon ds.

Select the headset HM from Samsung HM - page 15 English 13 Pairing via the Active pairing f eature Wit h the A ctive pa iring fe ature , your headset automat ically l ooks fo r a Blue tooth de vice wi thin rang e and tri es to m ake a co nnection with it. In Pairing mode sol Samsung HM - page 16 14 Connecting with two Bluetooth phones Wit h the Mu lti-poin t featu re activ ated, your he adset ca n be co nnected t o 2 Blue tooth p hones at the same time.

T o turn Multi-point feature on In Pairing mode, press and hold the Volume up button. The blue indicator light flashes twice and you will hear a beep. T o turn Multi-point feature off In Pa Samsung HM - page 17 English 15 When connecting the headset to 2 Bluetooth phones, some phones may not be able to connect as a second Bluetooth phone.

Reconnecting the headset If the headset loses the connection to the paired phone: Press the T alk button on the headset or use the Bluetooth menu on your phone. Samsung HM - page 18 16 Using call functions Available call functions may vary depending on the phone. Making a call Redialing the latest number T o redial the latest number on the primary phone: Press and hold the T alk button.

Samsung HM - page 19 English 17 This function is only available on the primary phone using the Hands-Free profile.

If you receive calls on both connected devices at the same time y ou can only answer the call on t Samsung HM - page 20 18 Options available during a call Y ou can use the following functions during a call.

Adjusting the volume Press the Volume up or down button to adjust the v olume. Muting the microphone Pr ess and hold the V olume up or dow n butto n to tur n th Samsung HM - page 21 English 19 Placing a call on hold Press and hold the T alk button to place the current call on hold. When the headset is connected with two phones, this function is not available. Samsung HM - page 22 20 Resetting the headset When the headset is paired with a device, it automa tically saves connection and feature settings, such as the Bluetooth address or device type of the mobile phone.

F or specifications, see page Wh y do I h ear sta tic or interference while on a call? Appl iances s uch as c ordles s phones and wir eless ne Y our headset produce s signi ficantly less po wer th an a typi cal mobil e phone. It also only em its sign als that are in compli ance wit h the i nternat ional Bl uetooth standar d.

Theref ore, you sho uld not expe ct any i nterfere nce with standar d cons umer Operat ion is s ubject to the f ollowing two conditions: 1 T his device may not cause harmful inter ference , and 2 this device must acc ept an y interfe rence receiv ed, inc luding i nterfere nce tha t may c ause und Samsung HM - page 26 24 UL certified travel adapter The travel adapter f or this headset has met applicable UL safety requirements.

Please adhere to the following saf ety instruc tions per UL guidelines. Samsung HM - page 28 26 unusu al phy sical, e lectrical or electr omechani cal str ess, or defects in appea rance, cosmeti c, decorative or structural items, including framing , and any nonoperative parts unless caused by SAMSUNG; b defects or damage resulting from ex cessive force or use of a metallic object when pressing on a touch screen; c equipment that has th To obtain service under this Limited W arranty, Pur chaser must return Product to an authorized phone service facility in an Samsung HM - page 38 36 Lea todas las precauciones de seguridad antes de utilizar el auricular para garan tizar un uso seguro y apropiado.

Utili ce solo los car gadores autoriz ados por Samsung. Nunca realice o reciba llamadas mientras se carga el pr oduc to. La luz indicadora azul parpadea 4 veces. Para apagar el auricular Desli La luz indicadora azul se mantiene encend En el modo Samsung HM - page 52 50 Opciones disponibles durante una llamada Puede utilizar las siguientes funciones durante una llamada. L os dis pos Samsung HM - page 58 56 Adaptador de viaje certificado por UL El cargador de este dispositivo cumple con los requisit os de seguridad UL correspondientes.

L os repr esentan tes, e mpleados Samsung HM - page 67 www. Questi sono tra gli altri: - disegni tecnici Samsung.


Samsung HM1200 handsfree manual



Samsung HM1200 Bluetooth Wireless Headset Mobile - Use Manual



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Samsung HM1200 User Manual


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