Marantz SR Every company that is making a home theater system has to make it a habit to release updated models every year or else other major competitors will pull away. The question is, what exactly needs to be improved in a home theater system? In , there were plenty of decent home theater receivers that are capable of doing many things in addition to sound amplification. These pricey components for your home theater cost quite a bit especially if you go for the mid-range or high-end models and should last several years judging from the build quality.

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HDMI v1. So, at first blush, we thought that something similar was going on with Marantz and Denon. Many consumers have brand loyalty even if the guts of a product are the same as a different product from a different manufacturer.

As long as the prices are similar, we are okay with that. Marantz better be bringing more to the plate than just a prettier box for that kind of scratch. From a feature standpoint, the two receiver lines are the same. They all have the same number of HDMI inputs and outputs at their respective price points, nearly identical power within 5 watts per channel , and many of the same options. So, why the extra cost? While the Denon has a single subwoofer output and Zone 2 RCA outputs , and Marantz adds not only a second subwoofer output, but also full 7 channel outputs for integrating an external amplifier.

While the Denon has a single component video input and no output, the Marantz has two inputs and an output. It also bumps up the number of digital audio inputs from one of each type to two making it a much more versatile receiver. The next receiver in the Marantz arsenal is the SR Again, the 7. It is easy to see how the two receivers are using many of the same modules.

As you can see from the picture at the top of the article, the SR front panel flips down to reveal an additional display for when that little portal on the front or the GUI is not enough. Really, glancing at the back, there appears to be little difference between the two receivers except for higher quality speaker terminals, a few proprietary connections and an additional component video input on the Marantz version.

The Marantz SR also has 7. The number of speaker outputs is the same 11 pairs , analogue and digital audio inputs and outputs, and even composite video inputs and outputs. But lots of receivers have these features. What distinguishes the Marantz offerings from the rest of the crowd, is the number and types of connections. These are for those that might have or plan on having external amps. For more information, please visit www. Like This?

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Marantz SR 5007 Review

This image shows the front panel of the Marantz SR Image 2 of 3 This image shows the rear panel of the Marantz SR Image 3 of 3 The Marantz SR has an included remote control, as seen in this image. This high-end series has a few products suitable for home theaters. The Marantz SR reviewed here represents the series as an amazing receiver with an iconic look. This receiver caters to audiophiles with its superior sound performance. The variety of ports, modern features and amazing warranty are other great reasons to choose this receiver.


Marantz SR5007 Owner's Manual



Marantz SR5007


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