The default Start IP Address is What is MAC address clone and what is it used for? What is the Port Range Forwarding? The Port Forwarding screen allows you to set up public services on your network, such as web servers, ftp servers, e-mail servers or other specialized Internet applications. What is the Port Triggering?

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Chapter 1: Product Overview Front Panel The Router lets you access the Internet via a wireless connection, broadcast at up to 54 Mbps, or through one of its four switched ports. You can also use the Router to share resources such as computers, printers and files.

The distance between the slots is mm 6 inches. Two screws are needed to mount the Router. Suggested Mounting Hardware mm Page 7: Chapter 2: Wireless Security Checklist Chapter 2 Chapter 2: Wireless Security Checklist Wireless networks are convenient and easy to install, so homes with high-speed Internet access are adopting them at a rapid pace.

Because wireless networking operates by sending information over radio waves, it can be more vulnerable to intruders than a traditional wired network. Page 10 Chapter 3 automatically re-establish your connection as soon as you attempt to access the Internet again. To use this option, select Connect on Demand. In the Max Idle Time field, enter the number of minutes you want to have elapsed before your Internet connection terminates.

It specifies the largest packet size permitted for Internet transmission. Select Manual if you want to manually enter the largest packet size that is transmitted. It is useful when you are hosting your own website, FTP server, or other server behind the Router. Click Save Settings to apply your changes, or click Cancel Changes to cancel your changes.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup button on Click or press the the client device. Wi-Fi Protected Setup button on this Click the screen. After the client device has been configured, click OK. This button is not selected by default.

On this screen, you can list users, by MAC Address, to whom you wish to provide or block access. The default value is 1. Fragmentation Threshold This value specifies the maximum size for a packet before data is fragmented into multiple packets.

If you experience a high packet error rate, you may slightly increase the Fragmentation Threshold. Select its protocol from the Protocol drop- down menu, and enter its range in the Port Range fields. Then click Add. To modify a service, select it from the list on the right. Change its name, protocol setting, or port range.

Triggered Range For each application, list the triggered port number range. Check with the Internet application documentation for the port number s needed. Start Port Enter the starting port number of the Triggered Range. Re-enter to confirm Enter the Password again to confirm. To stop the test, click Stop.

Click Clear Log to clear the screen. Click Close to return to the Diagnostics screen. Current Time This shows the time, as you set on the Setup tab. Follow these instructions until your computer can connect to the Internet: Make sure that the Router is powered on. Page 31 Warranty Information Appendix C rejected. Do not include any other items with the product you are returning to Linksys. Defective product covered by this limited warranty will be repaired or replaced and returned to you without charge.

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Operation is subject to the following two conditions: 1 This device may not cause harmful interference, and 2 this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Consumers are required to comply with this notice for all electronic products bearing the following symbol: English - Environmental Information for Customers in


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