Because of the outstanding quality of his watch movements Lugrin received top awards and gold medals at exhibitions in in Milan and in in Bern. From the beginning he had specialized in the production of chronographs , stopwatches and repeaters. Till the year the factory had the name to Lugrin S. In close collaboration with Omega great chronograph calibres were created.

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The possibly only caliber watch that has been worn on the moon. What many fail to notice is that the caliber actually shares a family history with a range of other movements as well.

Manual triple date complication without moon phase. Manual 3 hand movements with and without small seconds and with a date option.

To cut a long, and well documented, story short; the ended up in the NASA Apollo program inside the standard issue astronaut wristwatch, in the form of the mighty Speedmaster. There are a multitude of explanations on what Omegas role in the development was. Lemania was at the time known as a relatively small volume, but high quality, manufacturer of complicated watches like chronographs.

These where both wristwatches as is our focus here, but also various timekeepers for military, aviation and automotive purposes. The deal was that Lemania would get fresh capital and access to a wider and stronger sales organisation, and the other brands within SSHI would get access to the technically advanced movements made by Lemania.

Omega has been the official Olympic timekeepers ever since! This story lead us back to the development of the caliber Lemania started the manufacturing of the CH27 as early as in Omega themselves states the movements as having been designed and built by Lemania so little room for discussion here. Outside of SSHI various versions of the chronograph movements was used by other companies. Breguet has a version for sale with a Tourbillion escapement as well for those of you with really deep pockets.

Now, comparing the two vs will reveal a lot of differences. I am not claiming that these movements are identical. But according to statements by Omega themselves, and by comparing several of the special design features, it will become evident that these are indeed related movements. I have found little information on this special design feature, but I have not seen this on any other movements than the Lemania 27 movement family except for some Czech made clones PRIM.

The movement is pictured below: Omega In Omegas official list of calibers they also list caliber 27D as a non-commercialized version of the The designation D compared to DL of the denotes the absence of the Lunar moon phase dial. Omega — Caliber list As was the rule within SSHI, Lemania was allowed to market and sell their own movements also under their own name and by Tissot. To my knowledge there was never a Lemania moon phase caliber DL27 based on the 27CHRO, however you will find a Lemania version of what would have been the Omega caliber in Christians service blog.

Lemania D27 The movement has no designation printed in the usual places. The number on the bridge is a serial number and may denote a pre-production or prototype series being only 4-digit. Comparing the movements from both sides there is no doubt that these are the same designs with the exception of the moon phase disc vs. Lemania D The baseplate even has the holes pre-drilled to allow for the moon phase components.

The lettering BOL on the balance bridge is by the way initials used by Lemania to identify movements made by them. Most all? Swiss watchmakers had a 3 letter ID they used before the industry switched to graphical symbols. So far we then have a chronograph being related to a triple calendar movement, with and without a moon phase complication, sold by Omega and also Lemania.

Lemania ref The Lemania Series Lemania produced a range of high quality regular 3 hand watches throughout the s and s. Many most? Under you will find pictures showing these movements. They are all, except some very minor component modifications, almost identical except for the moonphase and calendar functions.

During the service that Christian undertook on my Lemania D27 one of the problems was a broken pallet fork. A Lemania caliber was a perfect donor! Omega — for comparison Lemania — Hand wound, small seconds Lemania — Hand wound, center seconds Lemania — Automatic, small seconds and date. With the addition of a autowinder module the hand-wound caliber evolved into the caliber series. Lemania DS27 17 jewels, Breguet spiral — With date feature.

Lemania sub second, 21 jewels, Breguet spiral. Lemania Today Lemania continued to be a part of the SSHI until the early s when the Quartz crisis forced the restructuring of the company. In Nouvelle Lemania was bought by company Breguet, and in Breguet was bought by the Swatch group making the full circle!

The name Lemania is, for now, no longer in use. Note: The information in this article is based on my own findings and opinions. I am a private collector, and has no commercial interests within the watch industry.

Any further information or comments related to the contents of this article is very much appreciated. I have tried to use pictures either from my own camera, or pictures available in the public domain. If anyone is unhappy with the content related to rights of ownership or other issues please do contact me on 69northernman at gmail dot com.

As always Dr. Bookmark the permalink. But Lemania seems to be the first to have used this device, as the older of the mentioned Lip calibers, the R25, was introduced seven years after the CH


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