During that time I was using a Leica M9 and the results were quite satisfactory. Now I wish to do some more testings of this mini flash on the Leica M to see how it performs. Let me briefly introduce the Leica SF 24D again. It is a portable flash, with an overall dimension of 66 x x 40 mm WxHxD. Without battery the weight is just g with the two lithium batteries included, it is roughly less than g. In a word, it does not add any significant extra weight if you want to carry it in your bag for everyday use.

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Such a light weight is a result of the power source. The power supply, as you see from the image, is from two CRA type lithium batteries. This is probably the major drawback because this is not a common type battery, compared with the AA size.

I am not sure if you can use rechargeable ones as some users have indicated that this is not possible. Do bring some spare ones if you need to shoot flash frequently. At the beginning I was too hesitant to select this product due to the battery type. It does not mention anything about the M8 or M9. You may find it odd why Leica does not update their product information after the launch of their latest products. At last in the section of the examples of transmitted data, it says that the SF 24D can also be used with other Leica R and M models.

I feel at ease and hopefully this applies to M9. This is a capable flashgun for nearly all occasions. In term of capability, one may think of its bigger brother SF The SF 58 instead fits much better on the Leica S2. Of course choosing SF58 is nothing wrong as it provides bigger lighting output supplied by the commonly available AA size battery.

In other words, you pay more upfront but earn more back by using the cheaper AA batteries in the long run. Yes, everything has a price.


Flash SF24D



Leica SF-24D


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