The colonists were allowed to maintain their customs and use of the French language. His novel Onitsha is partly autobiographical. In a essay , he reminisced about his childhood in Nigeria and his relationship with his parents. During he served as an aid worker as part of his national service in Thailand , but was quickly expelled from the country for protesting against child prostitution and sent to Mexico to finish his national service.

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Start your review of Le Proces Verbal Write a review Shelves: fiction , translation , france , ce To over-describe is to defamiliarize the reader with the thing described.

Conversely, to under-describe can allow the reader more cognitive room to fill in the blanks. Done well, as here early on, over-description sets the reader squirming. The effect is a little like chalk misapplied to a blackboard. See Russian Formalism. Theres a fine example of the technique early in Charlotte Brontes Villette , when a painting in a gallery is described. The protagonist here may be mad, so his hyper To over-describe is to defamiliarize the reader with the thing described.

Adam watched them absentmindedly as though they, their noise and movement, had no logical connection with himself; and every sensation of his overwrought body, which magnified details, fashioned his being into a monstrous object, a compact of pain, in which consciousness of life was merely consciousness of matter through the nerves.

Thus, the use of defamiliarization. Adam, in short, is a bore, but the prose is not. What drives Adam is reflection, lucid meditation. Starting from his own human flesh, from the sum of his present sensations, he annihilates himself by a dual system of multiplication and identification.

Then we flashback to Adam at age 12, and move on to a turgid bit of pataphysics. Eventually Adam evolves, perhaps inevitably, from squatter and general cynic to ebullient street-corner prophet. There are many ways to go insane on the page. That is a difficult task for any writer.


« Le Procès-verbal »: J. M. G. Le Clézio, un poète à ranger du côté des voyants



Le Clézio, Le procès-verbal


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