This book seemed vrdeland little on the gloomy side. The Passion of Artemisia vgeeland Raped at seventeen, Artemisia was indignant when her father, Tuscan painter Orazio Gentilesch, was paid off by her rapist to drop the charges. Settled and happy in Genoa for nine years, she is forced to flee back to Rome when her father and her rapist move to Genoa. View all 8 comments. But what Girl has is clearly inimitable.

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Shelves: bio , arts , history , religion , italy , relationships , text-checked , kirkus Finished: I feel like I was a bit harsh in all my previous criticism. However what I said IS what I felt at those particular points in the book. I am giving this 4 stars - the ending was superbly done. What can I say other than that I forgive all the previous faults that irritated me. Still, one can be almost proud to NOT be religious! The title is perfect. The Passion of Artemesia is the passion that moves an artist.

Now at the end, I simply have deep respect for this woman, artist, mother and Finished: I feel like I was a bit harsh in all my previous criticism. Now at the end, I simply have deep respect for this woman, artist, mother and daughter.

Through page The lecturing has stopped, and I like the way the author is tying up the strings. I also really like how the relationship between Artemisia and her daughter Palmira is described by the author. I guess it is imagined, but it is a very true to life relationship.

There is love and there is acceptance even of traits that are so very different between the mother and daughter. Through page OK, maybe this is what is bothering me. First of all the paintings do not move me.

Through page Nope I just do not like this. It is putting me to sleep. I have a very had time relating to this. Another thing that bothers me is that because Artemisia is so strong I have little sympathy for her. This thought is not mine, but stated in the book. I agree! Knowing this, Vreeland should have realized herself that it is hard to side with Artemisia.

She consistently manages to do the right thing even when she is treated unfairly. She seems a bit too good to be true Through page I am liking this more and more.

It IS about the soul of artist too. It may have looked real, but it was missing something. For me the pleasure had been visual, in creating shape and applying the color, and tactile, in smearing the thick creamy paint on my palette, but the pleasure was not of the mind. It did not tell a story. I had been paid for craft, not for art.

Each will see a different story perhaps. What is important is that it moves us, NOT that it moves us along one set path. Just my views! And the book is about people and our human emotions of anger, jealousy, revenge and our inability to change. It is about the artist and the model, husband and wife, parents and children You just have to stop and think about them in the context of how the story plays out.

Through page 67; Artemisia is now in Florence, the city of artists! I am a sucker for good descriptive writing: "In the afternoon two days later, the clouds broke apart and sunlight brushed with a light sienna the stone arches and crenelations of Porta Romana, the southern entrance to the city of Florence. Ocher buildings with red tiled roofs and shutters the color of cinnamon or basil lined the road Every shade of yellow ocher, sienna, orange, cinnamon, and dull green powders spilled out of large muslin bags onto the street.

The colors of my new city. In every piazza a sculpture, in every niche the patron saint of some guild.


La passione di Artemisia



"La passione di Artemisia", la rocambolesca vita di Artemisia Gentileschi



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