January 19th, , am Rating: 6. Lots of issues with the translation progress. It was a reasonably good read for its time before the onslaught of fantasy cliches. Overall the story is pretty much generic.

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The grand sounds of the trumpets as well as a round of applause were waiting for him when he opened the door. Fluffy orange hair and oil-stained overalls. Despite being in the prime age of sixteen, this girl here hardly needs to doll herself up or put on any make-up.

While facing the girl, the young man, Sheltis, sighed as he continued to hug onto his luggage from his time in the hospital. Not only did they discover the secret facility that was hidden there, he also fought with a cultured Yuugenshu, which lead to him suffering from serious injuries on his head. One full month was required for a complete recovery from his injuries. Could it be that Ilis did something to allow you to get into my room? Put in a few more words for me! So it is indeed Ilis.

I was so bored, I have calculated pi all the way to its forty seven quadrillion, two hundred and nineteen trillion, eighty four billion, two hundred million, forty two thousand and twenty seventh decimal digit! Sheltis you big idiot! Even machines will die of boredom if there is no one by their side! After the protests from the doctor who could no longer put a blind eye to what she was doing, he had no choice but to leave her alone in his room. I spent nearly everyday sleeping.

Fractures to your skull coupled with bruises all over your body? Your head was bleeding profusely, and the fractured skull would have pierced its way into your brain if you had moved about carelessly.

Just what were you doing? Special equipment and machines were used to administer various treatment cycles to his head, in tandem with medication to increase his rate of healing and to keep the inflammation under control. He had undergone two consecutive weeks of the above mentioned treatment by the doctor who was in charge of him. Despite recommendations from the doctor to stay in the hospital for a week longer, he was discharged today as he insisted on recuperating in his own home.

If it is a machine, all that it need is a replacement of its parts, and it will be good as new. No thanks. I have heard plenty of things from Ilis for the past two to three days.

At that time, I thought it was really strange that I had suddenly managed to decipher the encryption just like that. After chatting with Eyriey, the world suddenly feels much smaller. The person definitely must have possessed a certain level of relative knowledge as well as talent. He would be incredibly outstanding if he was in his thirties, and can be considered to be a genius in the floating continent if he was in his twenties.

However, I never expected the hacker to be a girl as young as you. I was just fooling about. Sheltis should learn from her hardworking qualities as well— Mmm!

To think I finally managed to return after much difficulty. Though she could not make it down here due to work. Is that so. Where on earth do I find someone like that? Also, no one will drop from the sky to the ground without rhyme or reason. Sheltis heaved a sigh as he felt the repulsion from the springy properties of his bed. Why are you suddenly being so serious?

I will have to confirm what that thing actually is. Also, back during the large-scale a. Even if you wish to investigate it, you must at least have direction for you to work towards. Do you have something in mind? If you ask me, I will probably start by consolidating data. Well, one step at a time.

Where exactly did those mist monsters land, and how did they launch their attacks? He hoped he could comb through the whole floating continent and try to see it for himself. Should we be able to predict the appearance of the Yuugenshu, we can reduce the damage inflicted by them. However, this is a colossal task. Do you want to seek a.

I would love to do that, but— "No. The thing about how much pain the Priestesses go through to maintain the barrier? I was thinking about that during my stay at the hospital. While they are always putting on a smile when facing the public, they have to undergo blood-curdling pain and intense disciplines when they are alone, so as to be able to maintain the barrier.

If they can look up on the recent abnormalities to the Yuugenshu, they would definitely be able to find a breakthrough. I wish Ymy to focus her attention on Hyouketsu Kyoukai, and not be distracted by the matters of the Yuugenshu. What are you two laughing about, Eyriey and Ilis? I see. Here I was wondering why Sheltis has such a clear goal all of the sudden. How to put it? Hey you two. Make Ymy drink it, and let her confess to you. Get away from me! Upon facing her bottom-up gaze, Sheltis pushed her away hard.

Enough with the jokes, let us get back on topic. It is fine for you to want to investigate the Yuugenshu, but you will have to accept more missions that allow you to get promoted to the ranks of a regular guard.

Moreover, it will be a huge inconvenience in many other areas. Since everything will be given priority to regular guards and the ranks above them, there will be times where they cannot cater to the demands of the cadet guards.

Actually, I do have a favor to ask from you. Though we already have information of where the Yuugenshu will appear, we still do not know if there are any patterns to that. For the past few decades, the a. Predicting the appearance of the Yuugenshu? An old and yet innovative idea. A long time ago, there were ideas of attempting to predict the appearance of the Yuugenshu based on the statistics gathered from their data, and the researchers had arrived at one conclusion.

It is totally unpredictable. They could not find any correlation from the past data of the Yuugenshu. And perhaps like back then, she may be able to come up with something shocking.

However, if you want me to produce forecasts with good reproducibility and repeatability, then I can only know after I try. These sort of things require gut feeling and inspiration. Oh right, is there a deadline? Which means a week later? Since that means he is expecting her to complete something within just a few days, when it took the researchers years to do research on it.

However, I have already received another request before this, and it may take up quite some time. Well, the requester is over there. The requester is me, the extremely cute Ilis! This is the first time I see a machine claiming itself as cute. He already knew this clearly since way back, but the words and actions of this machine crystal are very humane. She will be conducting checks on my thoughts program, processing program and stored data to see if there is any virus that modifies my data.

Generally speaking, I have always been conducting checks on my own, but there is the possibility that my diagnosis program is damaged. Therefore, it is important for me to get someone to conduct a check on me. Ilis already told me the things to do, so what follows next is a. This is to reward Eyriey for your services, so please do a good job on my diagnosis.

Well done, Ilis! It is me who should be thanking you for agreeing to my unreasonable request— oh right. Sheltis, I originally planned to get someone to pa. Please take a look beneath your bed. Its limit to destruction is set to be at sevenfold— you must be more familiar with it than anything else, since those are the twin swords specially constructed for anti-Yuugenshu use.

Also, I constructed a black sheath made of chrome ceramic, and it is placed in the wardrobe. As he is normally dependent on her in various different aspects, he could not help but feel a little uneasy.

However, there was no helping it this time round. Then I shall make my move.


Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden Vol 3 Chapter 1



Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden



Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden [LN]


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