Huawei phones. Facts Such a specific name for Huawei phones received for sure leadership in the ratio of price-quality-functionality-design. For the cost of an American smartphone of a famous brand, you can buy about five flagship phone Huawei, which, in some cases, significantly outperform competitors, including those with a nibble! If we are to speak in a pragmatic language, then it should be noted that the Chinese smartphone to buy is worth all those who are not interested in the magic of the brand of competitors, which is often more than the phone itself. In addition, it should also be recalled that Chinese manufacturers do not have the habit of re-inventing a bicycle.

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It produces various network equipment, mobile phones, terminals, specialized software. And, at the heart of all of the above are my own design. According to BusinessWeek, Huawei is one of the largest and most influential companies in the world. Huawei name consists of two parts, written with two characters and has a double meaning. Thus, we get something like "Chinese achievement" or "excellent performance.

The entire history of the company - is the history of continuous growth. To date, in factories, offices and laboratories Huawei Technologies employs hundreds of thousands of people, nearly half of them are engaged in the research and design activities. Research and development centers are located in many countries around the world. Revenues are estimated in billions of US dollars.

The company owns a significant portion of orders from leading mobile operators - so, in , Vodafone even has awarded Huawei award for the quality of the equipment, and service provider. In February , together with Huawei Symantec founded the company Huawei Symantec Technologies HST , which specializes in products to ensure network security and data storage systems. Free PDF Downloads.

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