Administration Building, Huawei Technologies Co. The color of the coat must be the same as or similar to that of the cabinet. No field installation of the fan box is required. Paint the whole support with rustproof coat and top-coat. Please feel free to contact our local office or company headquarters. Page 14 — Power Supply Conditions of the Equipment The following items must be checked Lead the bolts through the lower support.

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Moogukora Tighten huaewi bolts on the cover. Site creation, software down load and expansion Swap Activity. For the proper storage, use and disposal of this product, national laws and regulations must be observed. Lihat profil lengkap di LinkedIn dan terokai kenalan dan pekerjaan Muhammad Waleed di syarikat yang serupa.

Report Item Product Details. For coverage of remote sites such as offshore drilling platforms, the DBS can provide ultra-long-distance coverage up to kilometers. Hardware quality control supervision. O 2 Configuration The O 2 huaawei to an omni cell with two carriers. Figure illustrates the positions of installation holes for U-bar supports. Make sure that all the power modules are well connected with the , and that other boards and modules such as the CTRM and CHPA are not inserted in the slots of the backplanes.

Shafir Salam K A. Fix them onto the units. Huawei CBTS and DBS sites expansion onsite hardware installation and remote commissioning on around 60 sitesnew sites remote commissioning around 50 sites and new sites end-to-end construction supervision 10 sites. Each RRU bhs a maximum of six levels of cascading. That is, 1 m 39 in. Place the support below the antistatic floor. The following table shows the specifications of the Huawwei Table 2: Connect the other end to the DB9 socket of the power backplane.

Mouse operation Action Description Press and hold the primary mouse button left mouse Select button by default. Installation of Huawei power cabinet in Telenor project. Indoor centralized rack icr dual-mode base station pages. Other Cables The power cable and the grounding cable are routed straight and bundled neatly. GND cables for indoor cabling racks and for outdoor cabling racks.

Installation Method You need to prepare the U-bar support on the site. Use English only Max. View Shafir Salam K A. Other products from this huwei. Installing Or Removing Side Doors 3.

Hassan has 3 jobs listed on their huaei. For the 24 V power input, the voltage drop of the cable from the 24 V power supply system to the power input port of the BTS must be less than or equal to 0. Anchor bolt for the floor d bolt d height-lock bolt first in the middle, then on both sides To fix the support, proceed as follows: The DBS includes two basic types of modules: Green BTS a fresh breath.

No field installation of the fan box is required. Troubleshooting of Microwave Equipments and Leased Medias.

Naveed has 6 jobs listed on their profile. The last section also huawsi how to install cabinet assemblies on the cement floor without sufficient bearing capacity. The most popular version of this product among our users is 1. Chapter 4 Installing Cables introduces the categories of cables installed on site, cable distribution methods, and procedures of connecting various cables in BTS cabinet.

Page 15 The packing case is in good condition. Diagonally fasten them to a 45 N-m in-lbas shown in Figure Fasten the three bolt sets in the following order: Please ensure you have installed Skype program in your computer.

Insert the boards according to the names on the relevant nameplates to avoid any mistake. Joseph has 4 jobs listed on their profile. Mohsan has 4 jobs listed on their profile.

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