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Magami The Field of Cultural Production: If we are really serious about constructing an image of the flower that turns to us from the past and lifts itself into the sky of history, we have to embrace multiple perspectives, triangulating contrasting approaches and insisting on maintaining and explor- ing the relationship between texts and contexts. The Renaissance only partially took shape in Spain — in cultural forms that would be transplanted to theNew World; the Revolution was the forerunner of our wars of indepen- dence.

Cambridge University Press,4. First, what exactly is literary history about, or what exactly is it writing the history of?

These ap- proaches are narrating and describing. It is a key aspect of Italian history, and may be similarly central in all those countries in which national unification came late and by unusual means, since in such places, in the absence of well-defined interests and in the presence of excessively weak political structures, a particularly central role was given to intellectuals in propping up those in power, intervening on behalf of the people, 40 or simply in radical contestation.

Nowhere is filosotia clearer than in the literary genre that, for better or worse, is universally favored today, namely the novel.

Yet we must not overlook the fact that every work of art possesses a certain monarchical strain, that — as Valery put the matter —simply by its very exis- 7 tence it would like to destroy all other works of art. When we talk about the history of Brazilian literature, we can, among other options, either situate it within a wider selection of texts both temporally and geographically, an approach that characterizes it as one of the manifesta- tions of a legacy dating back to the origins of Latin culture, or situate it within a more restricted selection, beginning in the nineteenth century and relating only to Portugal.

Selected Afte,ed. University Press of America, Perkins revisits the question in the context of what he sees as the recent revival of literary history deter- mined by quite distinct concerns about production As against this antihistoricist model, Wellek identified a model that took account of historical factors, its origin in Marxist and positivist thought, which was most visible in the postulates of sociologically informed LH. En- gelmann, ; L. A New Approach to Literary History.

For a more recent revision of literary history, let me mention an interesting example from Italy, a country with filosocia particularly strong tradition of academic historicism Francesco de Sanctis, Benedetto Croce, Antonio Gramsci and a venerable tradition of writing literary histories.

This is a broad field and has generated a distinctive brand of literary so- ciology, which has occupied itself with publishing markets, the distribution of books, the reactions of readers, in sum with literature as practice and its various fortunes through history.

Valdes and Djelal Kadir, eds. The concern with the establishment of a literary history with an emphasis on a comparative approach does not mean neglect of the uniqueness of particular experiences. Filosofia del Arte III Spanish, Paperback The comparison between literary history and the history of a given field should be understood as a history of strug- gles with different types of capital at stake and for eel the reconstruction of an internal logic or habituswhich regulates behaviors and positions within the field, should be undertaken.

La litterature de Page baroque en France. He was a coeditor of the Dizionario dei temi letterari and, with Umberto Eco, of an anthology of texts on fog, Nebbia At a later point, during the time of classical modernism, novelistic, interiorized subjectivity affirms itself by its relative independence, yet even here emerges a characteristic conflict between the universal and the particular Mazzoni, Avoiding a simple identification of literary history as a whole with one type of literary his- tory is particularly important for those who focus on context and risk thereby making a history of literary works into a history of documents.

Guerini e Associati, — Martin, H. Donders The Common Law by Jr. It precludes a vision of its subject. Duke University Press, Carrasco Gonzalez et al.

Marion Crawford The U. Greil Marcus and Werner Sollors, eds. One question raised on several occasions in the twentieth century made a renewed appearance in the 2 title of a book published in In this bookCurtius contends that, although no period in the history of European literature has been so little known or studied as Latin literature of the High and Low Middle Ages, a historical vi- sion of Europe makes clear that it is precisely this period, as the link between the decline of antiquity and the slowly emerging Western world, that occupies a key position Curtius Faculte de Lettres, ; R.

Basque Country, Catalonia, and Galicia. Greenblatt and the New Historicism. Related Posts








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