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Goltikus There hidxen no ques- tion that Viktor felt he had a calling. The religious leaders of old, who were also the scientists and mathematicians, did not make our mistake of putting differ- ent phenomena in separate compartments.

No trivia or quizzes yet. For the last three thousand years or so human society has func- tioned in a predominantly masculine mode and is now quite out of balance. Schauberger found that temperature changes according to certain patterns and cycles that activate life and death, bringing increase and decrease, decomposition and renewal.

Matter becomes energy, which leads to the conclusion that everything is energy. It is presented within schaubergrr context of our unfolding ecological drama. It is then that fertilization, reproduction and growth are at a minimum, but the solar energies continue to penetrate deep into the Earth to awaken the embryonic female energies lying far below the surface.

Viktor Schauberger was far ahead of his time. Hidden Nature When you see that all material objects are composed of atoms and particles in constant motion, it becomes possible to understand that everything is energy. Account Options Sign in. But he also, supremely, gave us the keys to reclaiming our heritage as true guardians of Nature and, as we shall see, showed us how to schauberber the damage we have done to our precious Earth.

But it is not the whole answer; only a radical change of consciousness so that we recognize our sacred role as part of Nature and begin to follow her laws can bring about a new way ahead for Nature and the planet.

Evolution of the forest— Destruction of the forests— A moral tale— Tropical rainforests— Forestry— Monoculture— Biodiversity— Energy in the forest Trivia About Hidden Nature: Viktor was communicating his distress to his son, Walter, on indights plane home from Texas after a nightmare of exhausting cross- examination to extract the secrets of the devices he had developed which demonstrated free energy, anti-gravity and fuel-less flight.

It offers striking new arguments against GM technologies. The visible Sun is but the kernel, the only visible part, of a much larger sun that, with its radiative body, stretches to the very limits of the solar system. Our warped technology has made us used nzture very high tempera- tures; we produce power through combustion and hot fission. The effect has been a separation of thinking from experience, of head from heart. SearchWorks Catalog In the last century, ornamentation has been stripped away in architectural design and we are left with buildings that present a naked angularity and sterile uniformity of agricultural monoculture.

A flying disc was launched in Prague on Inwights 19, which rose to an altitude of 15, metres in three minutes and attained a for- ward speed of 2,kph. Our current technology uses the jature form of motion. Viktor Schauberger shows us that we need to think of energy in Nature as the potential for creation, not as a mechanical working process.

Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy, initiated these studies, which have been developed in great detail by the projective mathe- matician Lawrence Edwards. But no scientist has been able to explain the phenomenon to me. Floris- Nature — pages. Hidden Nature: The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger by Alick Bartholomew Sstartling had colleagues heat up litres of water that, on his signal, they poured into the fast-flowing mountain stream some metres upstream from where he stood.

Different Kinds of Energy Subtle energies In the last years, the application of increasingly complex tech- nologies has accelerated enormously, overwhelming the far more subtle insgihts systems of Nature, with dire consequences for us all.

The mental is the most changeable; it is harder to change our feelings, and the dense, physical form is almost impossible to change. Vikttor and resistantless movement This strange life path had started on his return to civilian life after the First World War, when Viktor Schauberger went to work in the mountains. His records showed that all trees, even hundreds of miles apart, would simultaneously experience the same changes of the voltage and direction of the current. While that is true for the species, it is not true for individuals, unless you believe that individual physical health nahure spiritual wellbeing are stronger than they have ever been.

Hariulf rated it it was amazing Nov 17, When in Heinrich Himmler xtartling Viktor to develop a new secret weapon system with a team of engineer prisoners-of-war, he had no choice but to comply.

Schauberger also saw the physical form like a discarded mantle or energetic detritus, the cre- ative energy of the fifth dimension having been spent. This would create positive feedback into human consciousness, raising its level, which would produce an outflow of positive, creatively potentiated energy, creating a swing towards the negative or feminine in society see Chapter 3, p.

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