This was an amazing story! Between that and getting pregnant at a young age the townspeople were convinced that she would grow up to be just like her mother. And for most of her life, the people of Strawberry Valley have looked down their noses at her, thinking she is nothing but trash. I love how much strength of character that Kenna has. She has been trying to walk the straight and narrow, always careful of her reputation, not wanting to give people more reason to gossip about her. And through all the snubs and sideways looks, she always keeps her chin up, never letting anyone see how much it hurts her.

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Fayrene senses his interest in her, and she has to admit he gets her pulse racing. Ryan has goals of his own and a job waiting for him in Texas. But what started out as temporary is starting to look like the real thing. If only he can convince Fayrene that some plans are made to be broken. The babies are coming! Someone call ! She was wide-eyed, with her hands waving in the air. He had to admit even running around like a deranged chicken, she was kind of cute.

He liked how she wore her skirt just short enough to be interesting. Her hazel eyes were big, her mouth full. Early to mid-twenties. Yup, except for the shrieking, she was what his father would call a damned fine example of a woman.

Ryan stood and stepped out of his small glassed-in office. The woman made a complete circuit of the larger central space, then raced back toward him. At least I think it is. I thought we had another week. Just after eight in the morning. Ryan had arrived at six and had been focused on his work. His first contact with another person had been the shrieking. A quick look around the office confirmed that they seemed to be alone. Because Ryan was working on a new design, he was in the main office.

The woman stared at him blankly. Misty is giving birth. We have to get help. They know what to do. Ryan followed her and found her crouched by a box containing a short-haired tabby and what looked to be one squirming newborn kitten. I can find a vet. Misty needs me. Come on. She was plenty wired on her own.

He took his seat and settled his hands on the computer keyboard. She stared at him. Of course. The woman twisted her fingers together. When tensions ran high, true character was revealed. The woman sucked in a breath. He braced himself for shrieking, but was surprised when she sagged back in the chair and nodded slowly. I want her to be okay. I still think she belongs in a feline maternity ward, but your point is a good one.

She seems to be doing fine on her own. I guess I can check on her every five minutes and if she seems to be handling it, leave her to become a mom in her own time.

Ryan was close to six feet, with broad shoulders. He wore a plaid shirt tucked into jeans and cute rimless glasses. Fayrene Hopkins. They shook. His skin was warm and for a second, as she gazed into his eyes, she felt a slight zap of electricity. She settled back in the chair and told herself no zip, zap or tingle was going to get in the way of what she wanted. In the office alcove of her small apartment she had large sheets of poster paper tacked up on the walls.

Each was covered with a graph or a chart or a list. She was a big believer in taking responsibility of her own happiness and for her that meant getting her business up and running. Zaps tended to derail young women pursuing financial and business success.

My company provides temporary employees and pet sitting services. So I quit and spent a month figuring out what I wanted from my life. I want to be financially successful. When I did my analysis, I saw there was a real need for good pet sitting services in town.

I fill a gap. Ryan stood and held out his hand. But maybe it had been static electricity and not anything chemical. She took the outstretched hand and held her breath. The second their palms touched, she felt it. A distinct shivery sensation working its way up her spine. Uh oh.


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