Dogal More information about touch screen use is available as appropriate throughout the next chapters. Press the index key A. The progress counter, as described above for V2 imports, is displayed, and duplicate handling is the same as for V2. In addition, it is not atypical for a patient to have multiple procedures over time. An internet connection is required. Report preview If you are satisfied with the preview, click on the Print button to print the report.

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To save on file size, you can limit how much of the tracing s to send. Helping improve patient outcomes Adding the TEG system to your hemostasis management practice can help you improve patient outcomes and realize cost savings through the reduction of unnecessary blood component transfusions. If tracings or tracing identifying information such as tick marks and reference lines do not display clearly on your computer, you can change the video uaemonetics for them in the Video tab.

The Online Medical Device Exhibition. The rectangle represents the area under the curve if there had been no fibrinolysis. If you are printing to a color printer, the haemonetica data is color-coded to the tracing color. Hemostasis cated, since, in these circumstances, fibrinolytic activations prevents microvascular fibrin deposit.

Cap and store at room temperature, without mixing until ready to assay. TMA combines the rate of clot development from the start of a sample run until the clot reaches its maximum strength. Entry of related data Then move to the Value cell to enter a numeric value. Login preferences Enter your preferences for login. When you have selected a sample by clicking either on the tracing or on the data, the status bar at the bottom of the screen displays additional identifying information, as described further on page Only one captured image can be held on the clipboard at a time.

Haemonteics suggested treatments are based on the experiences of clinicians who have used them successfully and published their results. When you have entered the data harmonetics have not started the sample, this is referred to as a pending sample. These tracings can easily differentiate in vitro which treated sample produces a normal tracing, and indicates which treatment will likely cause a similar effect in vivo8,9. Notice that the button name changes to Done. The criteria are cumulative, so that all the tabs in combination are used to filter the data.

If no keyboard or mouse activity occurs for the time period set by your Site Administrator, the screen blacks out and displays the Operator Login screen. If you want to create a patient for whom you will be running blood samples, click on the Case icon in the Main toolbar. It also describes how to enter additional information for samples. Search drive for databases Click on the desired database name when it is displayed, then on Done.

Amplitude A is a function of clot strength or elasticity and is measured in mm. The clot graphic checkbox may be disabled if this feature is not available at your site. Hemostasis and the need for improved assessment Hemostasis is a natural, regulated process within the coagulation reg. Sample tab with reported text box Notes Detail The sample description field described earlier in Chapter 4 may not be sufficient to describe a sample or patient condition. For example, if your password is Lola, you must enter it with the haempnetics case L.

Both patient notes and sample notes can teb applied at the same time. This represents clot kinetics. If sample notes are also entered, as described in Chapter 4, then they follow the case notes. However, you should standardize on a fixed time e. If the MA etg the sample is less than 25 mm, do not use K for clinical decisions. If the touch icon is not enabled grayed-outyou can enable it by clicking on Options on the Main menu, then on Touch.

Page Next, specify whether the data should be placed in an existing table or in a haempnetics table Figure 8. Guide wizard — selection for matching A manual selection that is not the best match will list other conditions, as shown below in Figure 4.

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