Shelves: guide , non-fiction , media-tie-in This is the companion book on the making of the movie Grindhouse. Hearing the film techs say that the best way to make the film look beaten to crap was often just to take it outside and physically beat it to crap is also such a "Duh! But the bit on Death Proof about it being This is the companion book on the making of the movie Grindhouse. But the bit on Death Proof about it being a car duel with these old cars, stunt people, and actual stunts instead of effects made me happier contemplating that part of the movie. Charger vs.

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He did a series of books on his kids movies, and he did a companion book for Sin City. While there are some downsides to, this book is one great piece of work. What does it offer? It is a massive hard-cover publishing, with tons of high resolution color illustrations, chapter over chapter dealing with the making of Grind House in a very technical way, introductions by Tarantino and Rodriguez, the entire Planet Terror script the Death Proof script will be available separately on paperback , the entire Thanksgiving and Machete trailer scripts, a lot of interviews with cast and mostly crew, and so much in-depth information about how the films were made.

You will find out about the machine gun leg, the Death Proof cars, the set design and loads more, especially the effects side. I personally think he does justice to all the effects and CG people who worked with him on the films, he gives them the most space in the book, and lets them speak for themselves.

This gives especially film geeks who are interested in filmmaking a very in-depth look at the process, the techniques and the methods they used for accomplishing all the great stuff especially Robert put on the screen. On the Death Proof side, more goes into the stunt and car work, and also, what was especially nice, the music Tarantino gave his own jukebox a supporting role in the movie.

The other downside is, that I think — as much as it is great to read about all the technical stuff — the writing process, directing process, and the acting, all comes a little too short. This is really a making-of book, literally. I am sure that a lot of young aspiring filmmakers who dug the film will love the shit out of this, but some people who just wanted to know more about the film and its background will be a little disappointed.

All in all, this is really really and I have to say that I am not too familiar with too many books of this sort a great piece of work, hats off to the editor of this book, I imagine that was a lot of work to put it all together, interview all the people and design such a cool hard-cover issue. I recommend this to most fans of the film, and I absolutely recommend it to fans of Rodriguez and especially his filmmaking. This is a great book to own, something you can use to look things up, maybe after the DVD is out especially.

Enjoy reading.


Grindhouse : "the sleaze-filled saga of an exploitation double feature"

Geschiedenis[ bewerken brontekst bewerken ] Robert Rodriguez en Quentin Tarantino kwamen op het idee een double feature te maken onder het grindhouse-genre, toen Tarantino een aantal films van dit genre uitzond in zijn huis. Tijdens deze marathon in ontdekten Rodriguez en Tarantino dat ze allebei posters hadden van de films Dragstrip Girl en Rock All Night Rodriguez kwam toen op het idee een double feature te maken waarvan hij het ene deel zou regisseren en Tarantino het andere. De titel verwijst naar de grindhouse , een bioscoop die met name exploitatiefilms draaide. Deze films vielen onder verschillende genres, waaronder de kungfufilm , horrorfilm , Giallo , sexploitation , films met auto-achtervolgingen, blaxploitation en spaghettiwestern. De films werden allemaal uitgebracht in de jaren Rodriguez kwam met het idee voor Planet Terror tijdens het maken van The Faculty.


Grindhouse: The Sleaze-filled Saga of an Exploitation Double Feature



Grindhouse (2007)



Grindhouse: The Sleaze-Filled Saga of an Exploitation Double Feature


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