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Learners gain knowledge and skills in both the grammar structures and topic areas. Grammar in Context, Fifth Edition presents grammar in interesting, informative readings and then recycles the language and context throughout every activity.

About the Author Sandra N. She has also taught in elementary and high schools, and in Mexico, Puerto Rico, the former Soviet Union, and Slovakia. Sandy received her B. Table of Contents Lesson 1. Pets and Other Animals. Americans and Their Pets. Be-Forms and Uses. Contractions with Be. Dog Walkers. Questions with Be. Guide Dogs. The simple Present Tense-Affirmative Statements. Negative Statements with the Simple Present Tense.

Search and Rescue Dogs. Questions with the Simple Present Tense. WH- Questions with a Preposition. Questions about Meaning, Spelling, and Cost.

Marianne and Sparky. Simple Present Tense with Frequency Words. Position of Frequency Words Expressions. Questions with Ever. Editing Advice. Expansion Activities. Internet Activities. Lesson 2. Getting Older. Retirement Living. Present Continuous Tense. Life after Retirement. Using the Present Continuous for Longer Actions. Questions with the Present continuous Tense. Contrasting the Simple Present and Present Continuous.

Action and Nonaction Verbs. The Graying of America. The Future Tense with Will. Will vs. Be Going To. Lesson 3. Working Towards a Better Life. Equal Rights for All.

Habitual Past with Used To. George Dawson-Life is So Good. Past Tense of Be. Simple Past Tense of Irregular Verbs. Negative Statements. Questions with the Simple Past Tense. Lesson 4. A Traditional American Wedding. Possessive Forms of Nouns. Possessive Adjectives. Possessive Pronouns. Questions with Whose. Object Pronouns. New Wedding Trends. Direct and Indirect Objects. Say and Tell. Economizing on a Wedding. Reflexive Pronouns. Questions and Answers About an American Wedding.

About the Subject or Complement. Lesson 5. Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, and American Indians. A Typical Thanksgiving. Noun Plurals. Using the Singular and Plural for Generalizations. Special Cases of Singular and Plural. The Origin of Thanksgiving. Noncount Nouns. Count and Noncount Nouns. Recipe for Turkey Stuffing. Quantities with Count and Noncount Nouns. Taking the Land from the Native Americans. Code Talkers.

Quantity Expressions-Overview. Some, Any, A, No. A Lot Of, Much, Many. A Lot Of vs. A Few, Several, A Little. A few vs. Few; A Little vs. Lesson 6. Obesity: A National Problem. Noun Modifiers. Obesity: The Problems-The Solutions.

Adverbs of Manners. Adjective vs. Too and Enough. Too and Very and A Lot Of. Lesson 7. Ellis Island. When, Until, While. When and Whenever. Time Words. The Past Continuous Tense-Overview. Ambert Einstein. The Past Continuous Tense-Forms. The Past Continuous Tense-Uses.


Grammar In Context 2



Grammar in Context 2


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