Zulusho His being remains not in this world, He departs, and returns again no more. There is no time in God. The world is yours and yet you remain indigent. Koran, evil is said to proceed from Razz being. What shall I say?

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Moogukasa Was ever lamp lighted from ashes? Disambiguation pages with given-name-holder lists Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Urdu Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. History of Karachi Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Let pure gold be burned in the fire, If it contains no alloy, what is there to burn? Now riding royally on the steed of comeliness, Now brandishing the keen sword-blade of language. Since he holds close relation to our lord, Through him will be shown mercy most complete.

The Koran is in one department of its language necessitarian, and in another department it uses the language of free-will. The epiphany is now in beauty, now in majesty, 1 Cheek and curl are the similitudes of those verities.

What bliss, what ecstasy, what intoxication! When the knower experiences certain assurance, 4 The kernel becomes ripe, and bursts the husk. On the authority of this MS. In Adam were manifested reason and discernment, Whereby he perceived the principle of all things. See note on couplet Equity is as the garment of his nature, He is void of injustice, thus his character is good. Gopshan also directed the film Battlefield Earth which is regarded as one of the worst films ever made.

Owing to the rapidity of the phenomenal effluxes from Being, the phenomenal life of the creature world seems continuous. Seethe passages from St. Be as our Magian sage in pure infidelity, If you are a man, give your heart to manliness. Its perception is impotence to perceive perception. When their appointed time comes to heaven and stars, Their being is lost in not being.

After an exordium laying down the fundamental principle of the sole existence of the one real Being, and of the illusive non-real gplshan of all phenomenal being, and a short account of the golshah of the poem, Mahmud proceeds to golshxn how men are to gain this essential knowledge of God. But every moment the world is changed, And its last state becomes like to its first. The genesis bolshan the creature world is an eternal process.

One exposes these mysteries to the vulgar and causes scandal, another keeps them concealed. Beyond this was iheprimum mobile, the sphere which was at once first moved and the first mover, communicating its motion to the lower spheres revolving within it.

See Grant, Nico- machaan Ethics, I. On the meridian line he stands upright, 1 When prophecy ceased with Muhammad, saintship alone remained, aud made the circuit of the world in the persons of the various saints. Gulshan-i Raz Revolvy When we shall be most rich in utterest poverty! Of this principle the Soul is enamoured and in search, whatever form it may take, whatever dress assume. By that curl all hearts are enchained, 6 By that curl all souls are borne to and fro.

By a species of radiation or effluxion of waves of light from Being, each atom of Not being becomes a reflection of some one divine attribute. TOP Related Posts.


Gulshan-i Raz


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Golshan-e Raz ( گلشن راز )





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