Storiografia marxista, studi romanistici e crisi del diritto romano in una recente indagine , Rivista internazionale di filosofia del diritto, XXXV, fasc. Praxis, emprismo, e discorso valutativo, Aut Aut, n. Stone e G. VII, pp. Recensione: G. Formule di giustizia, giustizia formale, e logica formale , Rivista internazionale di filosofia del diritto, XXXIX, fasc.

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Giovanni Tarello was a theorist, historian, and sociologist of law. By now, the literature on these themes has become huge. CQ Press Your definitive resource for politics, policy and people.

In such a process a key role is just played by principles, which Guastini sets apart from rules in a more articulated way than the early Dworkin, Robert Alexy, Atienza and Ruiz Manero, and so on. Disciples are by now a legion, but the more distinctive theoretical contributions — seen as different from historical1 and sociological2 ones — have been provided, until now,3 by the very contributors to this monographical issue of RBF: Third problem, finally, is interpretation. Etica per giuristi, Roma-Bari: But, as recent works by Guastini and Chiassoni clearly show, it is even more urgent, for the School and for the sake of a complete theory, to provide a new and convincing analysis of the Rahmenlehre which the School inherited from Kelsen — a theory which, according to Kelsen himself, simply aimed at circumscribing the space of intepretation s.

However, the decisive problem of the normativity of norms and of its implication was, until now, discussed only by a few younger scholars see Muffato,or by scholars who are just contiguous to the Genoa School see Redondo, Neocostituzionalismo e positivismo giuridico, Torino: But one has to insist that the label cannot absolutely apply to its own originators Pozzolo, Comanducci and Barberiswho always used it in order to criticize a variety of positions, which of course they took seri- ously, but could not in any way endorse.

Teoria e dogmatica delle fonti, Milano: Giappi- chelli, Una storia della filosofia del diritto, Bologna: In fact, Genoa Realism satisfies all these conditions.

In his first contributions, Chiassoni made the Northamerican Economic analysis of law better known in Italy cfr. Intervista a Giovanni Tarello, Bologna: Il realismo giuridico americano, Milano: Il lessico giuridico marxianoBologna: Today, the very idea of such a model is no longer obvious. Professor of Philosophy of Law at the University of Genova, his personality and work have been influential in Italian legal culture.

Pozzolo introduced this giovqnni in her contribution to an international conference in Argentina Pozzolo My worries, in fact, are enough to have me classified, against my express govanni, not as a sceptic but as another proponent of the mixed or eclectic theory cfr.

Manuale di filosofia del diritto, Torino: Such a central giovahni was foreshadowed in Tarello,but is explicitly stated in Tarello, But, one must reply, it is a matter of fact that constitutional principles as such are typically less normative — or more abstract — than the statutory rules — in fact, they would be always at risk of go unapplied without constitutional rigidity and judicial review. Here we cannot analyse, even less interpret, his large and multi-faceted body of work.

He was largely a man from a time in which specialization was not yet an inescapable destiny for a philosopher of law — he was, at the same time, jurist, historian, sociologist, and legal theorist as well.

The general theory of norms is the first one. Lampredi e il diritto naturale, Milano: Introduzione alla meto- dologia della scienza giuridicaTorino: Sistema giuridico e sistemazione dal diritto, Torino: Giovani e argomentare, Milano: Log In Sign Up.

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Tarello, Giovanni



CAP di Piazza Giovanni Tarello a Genova


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