Whatever your role in television, this book outlines the main functions of your job, placing them in the context of all other operations and showing how they are interrelated. The book shows how, within the often severe limitations of time and money, it is possible to originate interesting and competitive television programmes. It describes the essentials of good camerawork and relates them to considerations of audio, staging, lighting, make-up and wardrobe techniques and the way in which a production is developed in approach and style form the PDF initial stages to the moment of shooting. This edition is substantially revised to reflect developments in technology and contemporary production styles. Reviews of the Effective TV Production Until now regarding the book we now have Effective TV Production suggestions people have not nevertheless left their own writeup on the sport, or otherwise not read it nevertheless. To put it differently, "freedom of speech" We totally helped.

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Television Production offers you a very practical guide to professional TV and video production techniques. Here you will find straightforward description and explanations of the equipment you will use, and discover the best ways to use it. You will also learn how to anticipate and quickly overcome typical everyday problems. You will explore in detail all the major features of television production, learning the secrets of top-grade camerawork, persuasive lighting techniques, effective sound treatment, as well as the subtle processes of scenic design and the art of video editing.

Successful program-making is about communication and persuasion. It is not merely a matter of knowing which buttons to press, but how to influence and persuade your audience, hold their attention, develop their interest, and arouse their emotions. This book tells you how to do all this - and much more.

Now in its thirteenth edition, formerly entitled The Technique of Television Production, Gerald Millerson has extended and fully updated the book to reflect the important technical innovations that have occurred since the previous edition was published.

It now covers: - Digital recording and editing processes- Computer based desktop video equipment- Virtual setsSupplementary topics are discussed as digests. During his career with the BBC, he was primarily associated with studio operations in the Television Service. His lecturing background included courses in TV production at a number of American universities.

The 23 chapters go into satisfying depth on theoretical, technical, practical and creative aspects, and there is a thorough glossary, reading list and index..


Video production handbook



Television Production


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