Description[ edit ] It has a swollen, fleshy rhizome, that is up to 2. They are green with a purple, but can be stramineous straw-like when dry. The branches are 2. They are generally, white to pale lavender blue, veined with dark purple at the base of the petal. The erect, standards are obovate or elliptical, 4. They are bluish purple to lilac, with darker veining.

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Objective Research objectives and content The applicant, who is professor of Botany at the University of Copenhagen and a specialist on the flora of Greece, proposes to stay for 12 months in at the University of Patras to join a research group in the context of the Flora Hellenica project. Flora Hellenica is a major international project, led by a steering committee with Dimitrios Phitos Patras as chairman and Arne Strid the applicant as secretary.

The project is scheduled to result in a modern, critical survey of all species of native and naturalized vascular plants in Greece, currently estimated to number c. Nine volumes will be published at intervals of months; vol. There are a number of associated projects in the fields of taxonomy, ecology, evolution and biogeography.

The proposed grant would further enhance the strong European dimension of Flora Hellenica and serve to develop an important basic field of biology. Training content objective, benefit and expected impact The applicant proposes to work on a daily basis together with persons who have previously been research fellows in Copenhagen as well as other staff members and research students in Patras.

The younger researchers in particular are expected to benefit from joint field work and from training in the principles and methods of taxonomy, biogeography, etc. However, the results are expected to be of long-term significance in nature conservation, sustainable rural development, etc. Programme s.


Flora Hellenica

Eckhard Willing are well-known to many workers on the flora of Greece for the enormous herbarium collections they have brought together since in early totalling to more than numbers and which are preserved and available for research at the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin. Since Rita and Eckhard Willing also have compiled annual reports of their collecting activities under the punning title "A Willing Contribution to Flora Hellenica". These reports provide itineraries, precise, georeferenced collecting data for all localities visited and a list of all species collected with their corresponding collections. The carefully compiled data can immediately be used for generating dot distribution maps of taxa, as the authors exemplarily demonstrate in their reports. Hardcopy prints of these reports were privately distributed by the authors only to some workers on the Flora Hellenica project so far. The content has not been altered for the electronic publication and the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin as publisher reserves the right not to be responsible for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided.


Flora Hellenica, Volume 3


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