Mezizil Uploading files Names of files to be uploaded to the MGP must contain exfron valid alphanumeric characters and underscores. From the Help menu, select About Some manufacturers license their brand names to other producers. The available patterns are: While the firmware is being uploaded, the Upload button changes to Uploading Sign in to check out Check out as guest. Auto Memories Auto Memories Whenever changes are made to the settings described in the previous pages, the MGP automatically saves the changes in memory.

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Its gastroenterology unit is a vanguard in the use of video for visualization of the digestive tract, and its endoscopy suite, one of the earliest established specialist endoscopy units in the UK, has used live camera feeds of clinical images for years. These live feeds have allowed department trainees in seminar rooms to be fully in touch with medical procedures taking place in remote clinical rooms. The seven windows would be used to view two operating rooms and the associated patient data, x-rays, and live endoscopies, with full audio between the viewing and operating rooms.

Several choices of images are available in modern endoscopic procedures. For example, there are the live images from the gastroscope, endoscope, fluoroscope, microscope, radiology, and ultrasound. In addition, all system control had to be within the seminar room where the department trainees were participating in endoscopic procedures. The integrator wanted to use a p-only display, but experience had shown that problems could ensue when working with mixed inputs composite, RGBHV, monochrome , especially when these inputs are suddenly removed during live medical exams.

UCLH moved to this new facility in late With its high-performance scaling engine, the MGP solved problems that occur in many systems when signals change frequently. The system includes an integrated input switcher so that various sources can be smoothly interchanged without glitches or signal interruption. The MGP facilitates an almost infinite number of picture-inpicture configurations, and with two MGP s, as many as 38 sources, 19 from each MGP , and up to 8 windows, are available.

Depending on the need and application, an additional MGP unit may be cascaded to create a window display. Each window can display virtually any analog or digital video source, from composite video to HDTV and computer-video. The viewing of various images was achieved with a wall of monitors, similar to the setup in television studios.

Memory Presets A total of default memory presets for picture-in-picture window configurations are available, including 30 that are factory-preloaded. These can be customized for quick saving of configurations and recall of size, positioning, and priority. Holdoway said that flexibility was very important for the hospital installation, and the MGP delivered. With a wall of monitors, the images were stuck at one size, but with the MGP , and a very clever touch panel control that we developed for it, any image that becomes particularly important at any juncture can be magnified to full screen with the touch of a finger.

This is extremely functional for live medical procedures," Holdoway said. We can instantly choose, with the help of the touch panel, whether to view one full screen image, a dual screen arrangement, or one larger central view and six surrounding smaller views.

The quality of the projected image, whether large or small, whether a detailed CT scan or live endoscopic view, is absolutely superb. This setup has revolutionized our routine case conferences for current patients, allowing easy display of x-ray and pathology, as well as live demonstration from the treatment rooms. The system includes a virtual video input panel, which is designed to accommodate the full range of standard definition video signal types.

Installation Obstacles Because much of the installation took place in the clinical rooms where endoscopy therapy takes place, it was sometimes difficult to work around physicians who were trying to use the room at the same time that Video South was installing the system. Once the window configurations are designed, they are saved for later recall; the MGP offers a total of memory presets. This kind of technology has made a major difference in the field of medicine, according to Holdoway.

Now, high quality images remain there in front of them while they watch live procedures. That makes a huge difference," Holdoway said. Late last year, UCLH held an open house for the new building. Those who attended included physicians and medical imaging suppliers who provide endoscopy and radiology equipment. According to Holdoway, some of them commented that they had never seen such an impressive system.

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MGP 464 Pro

The Extron MGP Pro is a powerful, high resolution multi-window processor that enables the simultaneous display of four images on a single screen. The MGP Pro includes an HDMI background input connection, which enables the windows to be placed over a live video display and allows cascading multiple processors to generate more windows at the output. The MGP Pro is ideal for applications that require side-by-side display of critical quality graphics and video content from multiple sources. The internal input matrix switcher and multiple high performance video scalers allow any of up to 19 available inputs to be scaled and placed in any of up to four windows for picture-in-picture display. This provides immediate visual confirmation that protected content cannot be viewed on the display.


Extron – MGP 464 DI



Extron MGP 464 / MGP 464 DI Four Window Multi-Graphic Processor



Extron Electronics MGP 464 DI Manuals


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