Advanced Configuration using Graphical Wiring Editor Predictive Load Management Flexible Communications The EPower controller uses the newest technologies and innovations to manage your process and reduce your energy costs. On every level it brings you the flexibility you need to best meet your requirements now and in the future. Let us look after your power control for you and give you the peace of mind that you have the best for your process — even as it changes. Flexibility — advanced technologies in harmony with modularity and ease of use to deliver your power control needs Efficiency — world class power control with innovative features to minimise your energy costs with exceptional process performance Peace of mind — a power controller that will bring you return on investment and can be adapted in the future if your requirements change — one product for all solutions Revolutionary modularity and configurability to meet your needs … Easy ordering, configuration and maintenance through modular design If your requirements change EPower controller can be easily adapted to meet your needs Minimum spares holding — many options configurable through a common driver module e. Up to four power control modules provide single and multi-phase control Software configurable options to bring you flexibility The options that you need … A single driver module can support up to four power modules — and hence four independent control loops.

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Description Details Eurotherm EPack compact CSR power controller comes with a whole list of features and combines ease of operation and set up with exceptional configurability and functionality. Physical Format and Rating These power controllers from Eurotherm feature a bulkhead mounting format and DIN rail in four different mechanics on the basis of the current rating. EPack can carry currents between 1 amp and amps having operating voltage of to Volts.

Display The high definition 1. In case of a fault in the control system, display of clear messages allows easy determination of the problem, thus helping in minimizing down-time. Reduction in energy costs The EPack power controller from Eurotherm is a highly configurable and flexible unit that can be configured according to current as well as future needs with the help of a software key.

The key can be used in future to buy additional functionality. Communications The unit comes with standard Ethernet communications, and also has an integrated dual port switch that allows linear connection of units. For process improvements, higher level systems can use diagnostic and operational data. EPack power controller with standard voltage and current inputs can support analogue communication. Configuration The unit can be configured with advanced options and features using software key.

Pre-configured units can be ordered using the instrument order code. On the other hand, the unit can be quickly configured using a simple "Quick Start Code". Eurotherm iTools can be used to configure more advanced features.

Applications: Food and Beverage — Drying, sterilization, baking Infra-red heating.


Eurotherm by Schneider Electric EPower SCR Power Controller



Contrôleurs de puissance EPower™


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