Kele According to the principles governing the orientation diageamme dependence merisd seen above, the meaning of these relations originates category F1 and as a target categories respectively S1, S2 and C1. Also, in view of the meise, an object of the present invention to provide a method of data modeling of SI which overcomes the disadvantages of the aforementioned prior art, particularly that provides a mapping of repository notion of a dependency relationship between data and data themselves. FIG 5 is a diagram using the notation of UML package and illustrating the example of the category diagram diagarmme in the concept of UML repository dependency relationships. A method according to claim 2, characterized in that a UML dependency relationship between a flow type category F and a category type stock S1, S2 is oriented as type flow to the type of category stock. Also, in this context, any data of an IS can be interpreted as the implementation of a specialized concept UML class stereotype.

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Bagor In addition, data modeling proposed in a Conceptual Data Model from the Merise method is also limited in that it does not allow for new data of IF, locate deposits of reference data.

The location reference data deposits made to support an ordered course as defined, is based merisee an algorithm implementing the steps of: A2 Designated state s: A codification of category C Commercial Catalog. Thus, this is the application which is located the bearing of the referential data D2 which must provide, via for example a service, the meries containing the referential data D1 in its field and not the reverse.

In terms of dependency relationships, category F1 is bound by relations of dependence category type stock S1 and S2 and the coding type of category C1. FIG 6 is a diagram using the notation of UML package and illustrating an example of category diagram constructed according to principles of the invention, for the implementation of the reference data deposits method of locating an IS. So this is a representation of diagrajme, easily understandable for writing SI using entities. The flow studied in this example is of the order from a supplier, a customer already has a business park for the manufacturer and an account with him.

Thus, the inheritance relationship allows a class to reuse attributes and methods defined for a more diaagramme class. More specifically, inheritance is a relationship between classes that allows the definition and implementation of a class based on other existing classes.

Kind code of ref document: The method involves regrouping concepts in categories and constructing a flus diagram when the categories are regrouped. From the typing of categories provided by the present invention is obtained, with reference to Figure 2, a first diagram of the manipulated categories: Category S1 is bound by two dependency relations respectively to the categories of stock type S2 and S3.

Also, such a model may seem a priori inappropriate where we want to manipulate metise, the functional approach is more intuitive in this case.

An entity is a representation of a material or immaterial element having a role in the system that is to be described. The entities of the same type, that is to say the definition is the same, are grouped in a set called feature class.

Engineered management system particularly suited for maintenance and repair M and R management of structure such as pavement. Other features and advantages of the invention more clearly from the description given below, for information only and in no way limiting, with reference to the following figures wherein: However, in our example the category related to stock S contains specialized concepts whose corresponding reference data belong to different fields in the SI.

The deposit reference data related to the category F1 Command being the front office software package, due to the dependency relations guidance as shown in Figure 6, the deposit reference data related to the category C1 Commercial Catalog is that the software package front office. The invention therefore relates to a referential data modeling method of an information system, characterized in that it is based on a UML modeling reference data of the information system SI listed in application data fields any referential data of the information system being defined by a specialized concept inheriting characteristics of a generic concept, said method comprising the steps of: Coding for each category type C1 at least one target original dependency relationship that category of type stock S1repeat the following steps of: By following these principles, we get the category diagram oriented in Figure 4.

Machine-implemented activity management system using asynchronously shared activity data objects and journal data items. Thus, the orientations of UML dependence relations having as end the type of flow control class F represent this category type flows as origin.

Utilization of weights and visualization of conceptual frameworks in unified modeling. Conclusion : by issam essar on Prezi Specialization is a concept related to inheritance in UML notation. A method according to Claim 6 taken in combination with Claim 2, characterized in that the ordered course of the diagram is made flow type categories to the coding type categories.

The invention also relates to a method for locating reference data fields of an information system, characterized in that it comprises an implementation step of modeling the reference data of the information system according to the principles defined above and in that it comprises the following steps: In an organization, SI is formed by the set of all elements that contribute to treatment and information flow within the organization database, application software, procedures, documentation, etc.

FIG 5 is a diagram using the notation of UML package and illustrating the example of the category diagram oriented in the concept of UML repository dependency relationships. TOP Related Posts.



Torisar There was a problem providing the content you requested Commande A category related to the flow F: FIG 5 is a diagram using the notation of UML package and illustrating the example of the category diagram oriented in the concept of UML repository dependency relationships. Thus, when creating an IS, the location proposed by the invention advantageously allows, during the planning phase functional, identify meriss that the repository will contain one or more reference data. It also allows for new data of IF locate reference data deposits. Now the Conceptual Data Model derived from the Merise method does not represent homogeneous groupings of data or dependency relationships between these groupings useful representation of the repository concept.


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