See our list of the best ebook readers The latest generation of e-ink ebook readers kicked the ereader market up a level. But what about Bookeen? Can it rival the Amazon Kindle? The Bookeen Cybook Odyssey is one of the most beautiful ebook readers ever made. It lacks a few advanced features, but makes up for it with style. However, the Bookeen Cybook Odyssey takes a much more sensible approach this time.

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Read on to find out. Despite that, the HD FrontLight still feels solid in the hand. Measuring xx9. And it can be quite intense at the highest levels; the lighting system in the HD FrontLight feels a lot harsher than the glow given off from the Paperwhite, though reining the intensity in a bit makes it useful for low-light reading.

There are a few omissions though now. This was a real boon for those who like listening to audiobooks along with their texts, and was a key advantage over later-day Kindles which have also removed the port.

It seems tablets and smartphones are now the primary home for audiobooks. Also gone is the accelerometer which allowed you to easily switch between landscape and portrait orientations. Though some found its activation erratic, we found it worked fine before, and miss it here.

Any lag suffered when using the device here seems to be a limitation of the E Ink screen technology, not the processor. But where the HD FrontLight falls over is with its software, which shares identical problems to its Odyssey predecessor.

The pre-installed books are also mostly in French, as is much of the content on the Bookeen eBook store, with prices listed in Euros.


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