In a few hours I was listmanoac wading in through the life of a 17 year old teenagerLayla. Lists with This Book. The book is fresh, bubbly and real. It all happened in a moment as I was going to my school and was sitting next to one of my dearest friends.

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My wife passed away during birth due to complications. I very rarely get any time to myself. The first time i got a night off was almost 6 months ago.

I found a sign up at the local supermarket for a young girl offering babysitting services. I called her and arranged a night out while she would look after the little one for me. She arrived no time. I introduced myself and invited her in. I introduced her to the bub and we went and sat.

I was more than happy. Turns out she lived a couple of suburbs over and went to the local high. She just turned 14 the month before.

Slim, short, toned skin with long sandy blonde hair. She had nice small breasts poking out and a pretty face. Guess it all fit since she explained she wanted the extra cash to pay for a cheer leading camp in a few months. Anyway i went out. The night was great, a few drinks, dinner with the boys and some good laughs.

I got home late and she thanked me as i paid her and headed out front herself. Her father pulled up and picked her up. The second time was a week later. I asked her back again and she happily agreed. I had an appointment in the morning. When i got home, she had my baby girl in her baby rocker near the table off the the side of the pool. She was in having a swim. She said hi and waved. She climbed out over the pool edge. Watching her slim body, tight little ass slide out i was shocked how excited i was.

Now i planned it. I asked her the following week again to come babysit. She agreed. I told her to bring her swimwear so she could have a swim. She did, since she arrived and told me she would take a swim a bit later. I headed out, but i only left for a bit over an hour. I headed home. I got it right and found bub in rocker and her in the pool. She said she could pack up and go, but i told her to enjoy the swim. Actually i told her maybe i would feel better for a dip myself.

I got into my shorts and headed into the pool. After a short rest i started teasing her about all the boys she must have chasing her. I gently at first splashed her, then chased her a bit.

Over about 15 minutes i got up to wrestling with her, holding her tight and dunking her. I held her tight around the belly, pulling her ass tightly into my crotch as i did. God she felt so great. She stopped the 3rd or 4th time i did this and said she felt me press into her butt.

I knew what she meant and i told her i was sorry. She for the first time asked why i was lonely, even saying she thought my wife must have been away or something. I told her she was gone and i was a single dad. The mood went down, so i started to tease and play around again. After several more times of catching her and holding her tightly tome and having my cock pressed into her sexy teen ass i decided to go for it.

I chased her and caught her. I wrapped around her and again held her tight around the belly. This time i slid my shorts down and had my cock out so i could rub it against her bikini covered ass.

And i did, several times, making sure to really press firmly into her body as i did. She giggled and said she could feel me again. With me standing on the bottom of the pool and her held with feet hanging in the water i was able to tip her torso forward as i did and line myself up easily.

I did so and pulled her back onto my raging hard cock. I let her struggle around, half pulling off my cock as i pulled her back again, impaling myself back inside her. I pulled her tightly back onto me one last time and unloaded everything i had into her teenage body. I really pumped so many squirts into her, i knew could feel it as i unloaded in her belly.

She freaked out and really pulled hard to get off. As i let her off, i acted freaked out as well. I think my shorts must have hooked your bikini pants and pulled them down Oh god, you said your not safe. When did you have your last period? She had a total shocked face as she answered that it was about 12 or 13 days ago.

I was already hard again, but i had pulled my shorts back up. She calmed down after a while and we arranged her dad to pick her up. I decided to try my luck calling her about 8 weeks later. She agreed to babysit for me. She came over and when she arrived we sat and talked. She told me she already knew she was pregnant from our pool accident.

She told me she was booked to have an abortion in a couple of weeks time. I asked her to please not. I said i know it was an accident, but with my wife gone, i would love to have another baby, if she would consider keeping it and not telling anyone what happened, i would raise it and never tell anyone. After much talking and convincing she agreed to keep our baby. She is now about 5 months pregnant with a our baby girl.

I get so turned on thinking about her only being 14 when she gives birth to our baby, all the while not knowing i raped her intentionally, happily pumping her teen body full of seed in a hope for her to get pregnant without her reporting me or calling rape to anyone. I have no idea how, but i really hope that after she has our baby, i can find a way to put another baby in her teen belly.

I would love to get 2 or 3 babies out of her before she gets to old. After now realizing i really do love tiny young girls, I have even gone and found another new babysitter a couple of week ago that is just as cute, but she is only 13 a few months ago, and i really hope to repeat the same trick with her. I have already had her in the pool with me and just played around.

God i hope i can get her pregnant!


Confessions of a nanny

Share via Email A nanny and her charges on the beach, You have to be liked by two opposing "teams" to which a "perfect" nanny means completely different things. Their father, Mr Banks, is keener on discipline. I have always loved children and had a natural ability to connect with them with ease, no matter their gender, nationality or character. When I started my career, a few years ago, I was 27 and set on being the perfect nanny, a modern-day Mary Poppins. I was also determined to find the perfect family. My search for perfection began with Elena and Peter.


Confessions of a Nanny



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