Hi Atari IO Friends!! The sole reason was to just see if it could be done. So where did I get the power supply and hard drive? I was given not too long ago a Compaq Presario laptop that was suppose to be running Windows XP as its operating system.

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Compaq Armada M Notebook. Rs 1,75,; Rs 42, extra for the docking station. Pros: Slim, light, and easy to carry; good sound. Cons: No external keyboard connector; hefty price tag; USB port is inaccessible when notebook is docked. These are slim and light, and easier to carry. The Compaq M, though it falls in the sub-notebook category, is actually power-packed. It also has an in-built 56 kbps modem. It has a However, its touchpad needs some getting used to.

And its small size gets in the way of typing. Most laptops have two such slots. It has a single USB port, and one serial port. Others connectors include a VGA connector for your external monitor, a parallel port, and an infra-red port which is a boon for infra-printing for this, your printer must also have an infra-red port.

The floppy drive has to be attached through an external connector on the notebook. Its tubular shape protrudes out of the back, doubling as a rear elevator for the notebook. This is supposed to make typing more comfortable, which we found to be true for short periods.

The notebook has an optional docking station called MultiBay Mobile Extension Unit, which costs an additional Rs 42, You can also add a DVD drive, a super disk, a second hard disk or even a second battery. However, connecting the docking station blocks the USB port, making it unusable. Performance was pretty good, though it occasionally failed to shut down properly. It performed well with common office applications, like word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations.

Music sounds nice on it too, and you can connect external speakers for better effects. We also tried playing some games on it. Quake II gave good frame rates, and was pretty smooth. However, navigating through the game was a bit clumsy with the keyboard.

This model of M will be available till April this year. All said and done, a sleek notebook that is a good performer, but at a stiff price. Share This Article.


Compaq Armada M300 series Maintenance And Service Manual

The first Compaq PC was sketched out on a placemat by Ted Papajohn while dining with the founders in a Houston pie shop. In the United States, Brendan A. Area of Operations. These executives, along with other key contributors, including Kevin Ellington, Douglas Johns, Steven Flannigan, and Gary Stimac, helped the company compete against the IBM Corporation in all personal computer sales categories, after many predicted that none could compete with the behemoth. The soft-spoken Canion was popular with employees and the culture that he built helped Compaq to attract the best talent. Instead of headquartering the company in a downtown Houston skyscraper, Canion chose a West Coast-style campus surrounded by forests, where every employee had similar offices and no-one not even the CEO had a reserved parking spot. At semi-annual meetings, turnout was high as any employee could ask questions to senior managers.


compaq armada m300 battery laptop


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Cracking Open an ultrabook from 1999, the Compaq Armada M300


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