Volrajas Step 3 Create another file called circuit. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. This is why it is referred to as an implicit invocation framework. There are third-party tools available which can use FuseDocs to do things like generate test harness code.

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Overview What is a methodology? A methodology organizes your project and code for better communication, documentation and maintenance. In my mind what the Fusebox methodology www. Any methodology would work in that respect, however Fusebox probably because of the great community that supports it and its long history seems to be the most popular one for CF.

The biggest benefits are not technical. Rather they result from the standardization of coding practices, everyone speaks the same language, and everyone can read the same code and understand it.

It makes for easier transitions with and for programmers. Both sides benefit. Fusebox Lifecycle Process Fusebox covers both the project lifecycle and actual coding.

The first step in FLiP is wireframing -- a way to layout all the pages and links in a site in a way that the client can click through a working wireframe model of the site.

No colors or graphics are done at this stage — we just focus on what the pages must do and the flow between pages. After some tweaks for new reserved words in ColdFusion MX such as equals, it ran fine in ColdFusion MX and let me quickly create a wireframe outline of my test site. We ended up with an exact visual model of the site — with correct colors, graphics and layout but no functionality other than the links and buttons go to the correct pages.

These are little user notes that appear at the bottom of each prototype page that the user can add comments to. They are used to communicate changes to the pages in writing from the client to the developer. The Devnotes code is called from OnRequestEnd. For OnRequestEnd to work we need a corresponding Application. From this point on we know exactly what the site will look like — no graphics or layout changes are allowed until after delivery.

In fact by tying down the layout we have also specified much of the database and functionality requirements — it is not possible to add a new field, for example, without changing the layout… Now we are ready to start architecting the application. We printout the prototype screens and mark them up brainstorming exit points, fuseactions and circuits.

From that information, a Mind Map is created, allowing us to visualize the application. But the Mind Map is not a dead-end. UsingFuseminder www. Hundreds of lines of code are written for us. Write the Fusedocs, and your fuses are ready for coding. By using FLiP applications are less buggy, developed faster, and clients are happier because you delivered what they asked for.

Framework , flow control and nested inheritance Now we are ready to code! We have a hierarchy of circuit directories and a list of fuseactions for each circuit.

The version 5 code seemed to run fine in ColdFusion MX, allaying my compatibility worries. I did have to change the test in index. This way, inheritance is provided to nested circuits, so that child circuits can override parent values. This helps separate graphical layout from code. The resulting HTML is passed back up through the parent circuits providing for nest layout of menu options. Finally the core file outputs the completed nested layout.

Layouts may also be selected based on user interaction or personalization settings.



Contact Coldfusion Frameworks Adobe ColdFusion is a tested application server that simplifies complex coding tasks; it is a good platform for developing modern web applications. Features in this application allow you to perform programming tasks at a higher level than most other available languages. ColdFusion application frameworks help to build more elegant software right out of the box. There are many frameworks in this application; you have to choose the right one to get good results for your project.


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