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The purpose of this instruction is to implement responsibilities, set forth best practices, and provide requirements and direction for the protection of people and assets throughout CNIC as directed in references a through f. Cancellation a.

Background a. This instruction provides a common organizational framework for Navy Security Forces NSF during routine and emergency response activities between Navy Regions, Installations, and ships. The CNIC Ashore Protection Program incorporates a systems approach to integrating antiterrorism AT , physical security PS , and law enforcement LE capabilities for the prevention or mitigation of hostile actions against personnel, resources, and facilities, both afloat and ashore.

This program serves as the principal process for the integration and implementation of the AT, PS, and LE requirements, standards and guidelines directed by references a through f.

Policy a. This instruction applies to all Navy military personnel, civilian employees, contractors, facilities and non-Navy organizations physically located on or aligned to U. Navy- controlled installations worldwide. This instruction does not directly apply to afloat units, Navy Nuclear Security, personnel security, information systems security, or chemical agent security.

Deviation from the policy and standards in this instruction must be documented in the appropriate planning procedures and implementing guidance. A request for a waiver or exception must be submitted in accordance with IAW paragraph of enclosure 1. An inability to meet these requirements necessitates a request for a waiver or exception. These recommendations provide a framework that support the mandatory polices.

These are not requirements, but are possible actions or measures to take at the discretion of the responsible party.

Union notification and subsequent bargaining requirements must be satisfied prior to implementation of this instruction. This instruction amplifies the AT, PS and LE aspects of Protection, pillars which complement, integrate with, and support the three Protection core lines of effort see Figure 1.

The primary area of focus for this document is FP. In general, the AT mission shall be treated as the effort of first importance as it ensures the availability of Navy assets for war-fighting missions. Protection Community Source JP Responsibilities a. CNIC N3AT is responsible for: 1 Identifying the resources programmed to implement and maintain the Protection Program as part of the planning, programming, and budgeting system process. Installation Commanding Officers COs are responsible for: 1 Providing security for resources, facilities, mission critical assets, CIP, and personnel under their authority including family members and civilians when applicable and control consistent with threat, risk, vulnerability, criticality, assigned roles, missions, and resources.

The program shall be reviewed and updated as required, annually at a minimum. Action a. Installation Commanding Officers shall adhere to requirements set forth in this instruction, and utilize references a through k. Forms and Reports a. Reporting requirements contained in this instruction are exempt from reports control by reference j. Locally generated forms will not be used in lieu of official forms.


Cnicinst 5530.14a, Commander Navy Installation Command Ashore Protection Program



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