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You look pale, hon, are you all right? Do you think you can make it to the door? We should have brought a couple of really big bodyguards to get us through the crush. She glanced behind her.

Nikitin and Ilya were following fast, the crowd parting for the bodyguard. Her agent hurried to keep up with them, determined not to be left behind. It was no wonder she suddenly felt sick with fear. They were trying to catch her before she got away.

Ilya called out to her, suddenly breaking away from the other two men and shoving partygoers out of his way. Did Nikitin make a pass at you? With every step, terror gripped her harder. She walked faster, bumping into people as she threw quick, nervous glances over her shoulder.

Stop right now! The order was sharp and clear and pain burst through her head as she felt the lash of a holding spell. She broke it, whipping her head around toward the door. It was right there. Two more steps and she would be outside, where she could call on the forces of nature to aid her. She collided with a large body and a hand gripped her arm to steady her.

The party was in full swing, reporters interviewing designers and movie stars rather than the models. She caught a glimpse of a couple of the other runway models she knew by name, but Hannah had disappeared into the crowd. The entire scene was crazy. Loud music, outrageous clothes, too many famous people all vying for the camera.

There was no way to find Hannah in the crush, unless a reporter wanted an interview and Hannah never gave interviews. Still, she watched, straining her eyes. Jonas was so edgy he was affecting the Drake family home.

The walls rippled with the tension filling the house. It seemed difficult to breathe, the air too thick. She appeared to be hurrying, her long hair flowing behind her, her face strained as she glanced back over her shoulder.

Several feet behind her, Ilya Prakenskii shouldered his way through the mass, clearly chasing her. Oh, God, no!

Her face. Her chest. Her abdomen. She brought up her arms, a pitiful defense against a madman. He kept slashing and stabbing, over and over, using his body strength with every swing. Jonas heard a raw, torn cry of utter, absolute anguish, knew it had been ripped from his soul. He dropped to his knees, unable to stand, impotent to do anything to stop the assault. Behind him, Sarah screamed and screamed. Blood sprayed over the elegantly dressed crowd and the arm kept pumping, slashing and driving.

Ilya dropped him, turning to try to catch Hannah before she hit the floor. Jonas sank all the way to the floor, his mind numb, shock spreading. He glanced over at Sarah. She lay on the floor, every bit as still as Hannah had lain, pale, her breathing shallow, eyes rolled back in her head.

He felt it then--the staggering weight of knowledge as the Drake sisters became aware of the enormity of the attack. He heard cries of anguish, of a sorrow so deep it matched his own.

He touched his face and knew tears ran down it unchecked. He was afraid he might never be able to stop. The door burst open and Jackson stood framed there, his face grim, his mouth set in hard lines. He stared blindly out the window of the plane, alternating between feeling numb and lost and then struck with a rage so hot it terrified him.

He was afraid to speak--afraid the anger would burst out and consume everyone around him. He pressed his fingertips hard against the pressure points around his eyes, hoping for some relief from the throbbing pain. Joley had had a private jet waiting at the airport for them and he knew the Drakes would be flying in from all over the world, but how could they get there in time to save her life?

He breathed her name. The knowledge shocked him because it was so certain. He acted confident around her no matter what was going on in his life. No one was. She was so different. Gorgeous beyond belief, but so much more than that. So damned sweet. Wanting to care for everyone. And where did that leave a man who lived most of his life in the shadows hunting bad guys? He knew her. Inside and out. She was a homebody, not the world traveler everyone thought.

She was comfortab le in a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt, not the sophisticated elegant clothes she wore so well. Be alive, baby, for me, be alive. She sat next to him, her fiance, Damon, holding her hand tightly while she concentrated with every ounce of her power to stay connected to Hannah. All of the Drakes were, Jonas knew. Their mother. The family was enormous, as were their powers, and Jonas knew beyond a doubt, they were all focused on saving one person.

Jonas could have told him it would do no good. The attack had been shocking, stunning, on television, a message sent to millions. The attacker was dead and they might never know his true motives or if it was a random act of violent insanity. Some were just crazy. Out of their minds. Sometimes there was no reason at all for why people did such crazy things. Her voice cracked. Not Hannah. It was the question she was dreading.

Jonas was shaken--shattered, raw grief etched deep into his face. He would believe they had a chance to save Hannah, if the Drakes were holding her in their keeping. Jonas believed in few things anymore--but he believed in their family and the powerful bond they shared. Ilya Prakenskii has her. For the first time he dropped his hands from his face. He instantly murmured in her ear. She needed as much reassurance as Jonas. You saw him. Ilya Prakenskii.

There was a real puzzle. Jonas had tried to dig up information on him. Prakenskii had been raised by the state and trained as a lethal weapon, but from there, the trail went muddy and no amount of prying had revealed what the man was really involved in. He had to stop the man. He had a choice and he chose death for the attacker. Retribution--or something far more sinister? He had to force his mind to think.

It was the only way to stay sane until he was with her. Once he was with her, the rest of the world could go to hell, for all he cared. The deputy snapped open the briefcase. Do you think the killer acted alone?


Safe Harbor

Recommends it for: Paranormal romance fans, fans of books with family Recommended to Danielle The Book Huntress Back to the Books by: Hms Shelves: favorites , paranormal-romance , fated-to-be-mated , part-of-a-series , family , owned-copy , career-woman , witch-sorcereress-healer , celebrity-in-the-limelight , favorite-or-autobuy-author I was torn on the rating for this book, because it was a little dry in some points, but it really won me over by the end of the book. I loved the connection between Hannah and Jonas. They truly are soulmates. Their lives are enriched by each other and strengthened by the bond that they share. Both Hannah and Jonas suffered horribly, and yet still believed in their love for each other.



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