I loathe the man! You have completely the wrong impression of what I was trying to say. Being the director of this film you should have better control over your actors! She was still wearing the costume for her part in the film, the garb of a eighteenth-century peasant girl in rugged Cornwall.

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I loathe the man! You have completely the wrong impression of what I was trying to say. Being the director of this film you should have better control over your actors! She was still wearing the costume for her part in the film, the garb of a eighteenth-century peasant girl in rugged Cornwall. I think the rape scene I have to go through with him could turn out to be too realistic. She had every intention of going—and with a partner of her own choosing. After all, it would be a slap in the face for Paul Forbes when she turned up with someone else.

But it was a slap in the face she knew she would never physically be allowed to administer. She gave him an impudent grin. After all, I have to wait until tomorrow before I can leave. Stacy left the caravan with a defiant flick of her head, an amused curve to her full mouth. Mr Payne was right, most of the staff had already left, but there were still some of the cast left. Matthew Day was one of them, and he had been a good friend of hers for the past three years.

She linked arms with him as they walked over to his car to drive back to the hotel. Matthew was tall, dark and rugged, very handsome, and making quite a name for himself in films and television. Stacy had no doubt that within a couple of years Matthew would be landing leading roles in major films, but for the moment he only had a supporting role like herself—like she had had.

And why do you look so happy about it? I thought this job meant a lot to you. The part of Kate may not be a large one, but it is a crucial one. I take it you refused to play his little game? Luckily they had managed to remain friends. Matthew squeezed one of her hands as it lay in her lap.

But if Forbes got you the sack why are you looking so pleased? The film crew had more or less taken over the large hotel, any other guests finding it strange to be invaded with actors and all the technical staff that went with the making of a film. He could turn out to be tall, dark and handsome.

It was all very exciting having all these actors staying here, meeting people she had only ever seen on the television or at the cinema. Matthew chuckled. And try not to be rude to our fat, balding, ageing author tonight.

She instantly did a retake. Stacy had never seen him before, but with those looks she felt he should have been starring in the film instead of Paul Forbes. He was gorgeous, although the dark scowl on his face gave him a slightly satanic look. He had jet-black hair, worn long over his collar but styled, piercing deep blue eyes, a high-bridged nose, and a strong firm mouth that hinted at a steely determination, gave an impression that this man always got what he went after.

He was very tall, well over six foot, his wide powerful shoulders tapering down to a narrow waist and firm muscular thighs, all shown to advantage in the black polo-necked jumper he wore and the fitted black trousers. Stacy guessed his age to be somewhere between thirty-five and forty. She cleared her throat before attempting to talk. He looked at her for the first time, those deep blue eyes running coolly over her appearance.

She hesitated with her finger on the lift button. The top floor contained the luxury suites of the hotel, reserved for the more wealthy guests. Adding two and two together, namely his American accent and the top floor suite, she would hazard a guess on this man being an employee of Jake Weston. She pressed the button for her own floor and then lightly touched the top button for her silent companion.

She could smell the masculine odour of his aftershave, and her nose twitched appreciatively. Not normally a reserved type of person she found the silence between herself and this attractive man slightly irksome. Her breath caught and her face flamed at the totally sexual assessment of that steady gaze. She turned hurriedly away, regretting her impulse to talk to him. She was used to causing some reaction in members of the opposite sex, but never anything this blatant!

She looked down ruefully at her revealed curves in the low neckline of the dress she wore, her face flaming with colour as she realised this was probably the reason he had been staring at her and not because he found her attractive. She nodded. Stacy felt sure he would have a thick mat of hair on his chest too, his skin deeply tanned. She brought herself up with a start as she realised how intimate her thoughts of him had become. Stacy was surprised by the intensity of his gaze.

She was surprised when the man followed her out, while the lift moved swiftly up to the top floor, completely empty. I suggested we go to your room as a means of gaining privacy, we seem to be attracting quite a lot of attention standing here. But why should we need privacy? He looked even more impatient. It has nothing to do with you. He made her feel small and feminine, as if she could easily be crushed in his muscular arms, and it was a feeling she found strangely pleasing.

Fat, bald and ageing? She knew she was attractive, in her job she had to be aware of her own potential, but this man had made it almost seem a crime for her slender figure, long red hair, sparkling green eyes, small uptilted nose and wide smiling mouth to be in the least beautiful. Her eyes flashed angrily, her lashes naturally sooty and long. Really, this man was arrogant!

Even his stance was arrogant, his legs slightly apart, challenge in every muscle and sinew.


Brand Of Possession

This book started very good in my opinion, but then it started to slow down: Indecent Regency Lovers 1. A Debt Paid in the Marriage Bed. An author I have always loved. Going on the amount of men you have interested in you here alone I would say that innocent look of yours hides an experience that could prove very entertaining.


Brand of Possession



Carole Mortimer


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