It almost made her laugh. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Learn more — opens in new window or tab. I hope the second book is better than the first because it was a little disappointing for me because I had high hopes on the whole book being really good. Romero erroneously credited as George R.

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Shelves: horror , own-paperback In the s, the only person that was doing anything significant with zombies was the Godfather himself, George Romero. In horror fiction, zombie stories were as dead as the zombies themselves. And I mean perverted. Many of these stories have either zombie sex or the biting off of penises in there somewhere. Those two alone were worth the price of admission. Enjoyed the irony of this one.

But, this short story was the exact opposite. Just ok. Not my favorite. Trying to determine what can of soup to buy out of all those choices on the shelf will send her running from the store without buying anything. But when the dead begin to rise on Genneseault Island, Maddie has already forced herself to cope.

Good characters but felt incomplete. It seemed more like a snippet from a longer story. Nice little twist. Martha is a waitress at the local diner and the focus of many of the male residents lustful attention. And when things go to hell, they come to take what they want. Hey, if you "get" this story, please explain it to my dumb ass. It was little more than a boring set of philosophical ramblings. A slight twist at the end that was too little too late to turn this yawn-fest around.

An absolute chore to get through. Pretty ridiculous even for a zombie story. But it had an interesting hypothesis on what happened to the zombies over time. Totally rad. Boyett An assault on an Ecosphere project in the Arizona desert with trained zombies. Nice writing style and character development. The zombies can think and begin to wage their own war. Lots of interesting ideas in a story of irony about a zombie who was previously a jazz saxophonist.

Good stuff. Lansdale A bounty hunter is bringing his fugitive across the desert when they run into a whacked out cult leader who also happened to have caused the zombie apocalypse. Schow The morbidly obese kid that was the butt of all the jokes in high school squares off against a television evangelist and his army of disciple zombies. A piss-your-pants hilarious story.

Warped fun.


Book of the Dead

Learn how and when to remove this template message Book of the Dead is an anthology of horror stories first published in , edited by John Skipp and Craig Spector and featuring a foreword written by George A. Romero erroneously credited as George R. Romero in first print editions of the book. The first book was followed three years later by a follow-up, Still Dead: Book of the Dead 2, with a new group of writers tackling the same premise, though the second book put the stories in order according to their imagined chronology of the zombie takeover. The Book of the Dead compilations are regarded as classic anthologies in the horror and splatterpunk genres, featuring a great number of famous names including Stephen King , Joe R.

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Book of the Dead (anthology)


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