About The Author Acknowledgments Many of you will have noticed I have taken an uncommonly long time between the first and second book of this series. For that I beg forgiveness. I think that without them I might well have gone just plain nuts. I would also like to dedicate this book to Joel Sweifach, my first accountant.

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Shelves: ya , own-tammy I was filled with glee when I got my advance readers copy of Bloodhound. I tore my way through Terrier as quickly as possible and Im glad I did , before I started on Bloodhound as soon as I was able. Whilst waiting for Bloodhound to come out and it has been a long wait I would eagerly read all the news from Tammy about the progression of the book. I was a little dismayed to learn that Beka would be out of Corus and in Port Caynn, therefore away from all of those much loved characters from I was filled with glee when I got my advance readers copy of Bloodhound.

I was a little dismayed to learn that Beka would be out of Corus and in Port Caynn, therefore away from all of those much loved characters from Terrier — Aniki, Kora, Rosto, Ersken, Tansy and et cetera.

I also learned, while she would still be with Goodwin, Tunstall would be out of the picture with broken legs! However, it turns out as it usually does , that my fears were unfounded and what I think sounds odd in summary turns out to be grand in actuality.

Bloodhound takes place sixteen months after Terrier, and the action happens over the course of almost three weeks. The book builds on what Terrier established. There are new words introduced into the language one reason why re-reading Terrier before Bloodhound is such a good idea as well as an expansion of Dog methodology.

Bloodhound is one long hunt to resolve the issue of coles being filtered into the money stream, which are raising the prices of food and causing civil panic. There are some sterling action sequences in Bloodhound, making me feel like I was actually part of the riots and chases and also making me feel that poor Beka must have had some terrible hand cramps after her long stretches of diary and report writing!

Yes, the old faithful were keenly missed at some moments during Bloodhound, but this is good for both Beka and the reader but mostly Beka, as we are selfish readers who want things Our Way! We are introduced to a vast quantity of new characters, mostly in Port Caynn but some in Corus too. The most notable addition is Atchoo, the scent hound who was mentioned in Terrier takes a leading role here and once you read the book you will understand why the cover was changed to focus on her and leaves Pounce out.

As with Terrier, there are familiar family names in Bloodhound — watch out for a member of one particularly famous family who proves that insanity really did run in the family! The Dancing Dove is introduced, and I was pleased to note that the reasons behind its name have changed since the preview in the back of Terrier. Her understanding and implementation of her magic is markedly improved from what it was in Terrier.

It is these touches that make the book so vivid. They are woven into the story in such a way that they are part of the tapestry for the book itself and the larger Tortallan history. For those of us who are Tammy devotees this is an absolute delight and will enrich your knowledge of the Tortall world. It was a hard trial to put the book down every time I had to, and once I got into the final stretch I simply could not put it down until I was finished.

There is a rich layering of detail that makes such a complex plot believable. Beka makes mistakes during the book at one point I wanted to shake her for forgetting something ; she also does remarkably astounding things too she spends a lot of time traipsing through sewers, which made my stomach turn. I was pleased to see that alongside her natural aptitude for Dogging she is still learning how to be a Dog, they ways of people and the ways of the world. It humanises and humbles her, and I felt that she learned a lot from her experiences, both professionally and personally.



A sequel to Terrier, Bloodhound continues the tale of Rebakah Cooper. Together with her former training partner Clara Goodwin she has to leave Corus to find out where the false coins, which have gotten into the moneystream and are beginning to cause an inflation, come from. The trail leads them to Port Caynn, where they soon run into trouble with the local Rogue , Pearl Skinner, who seems to hold all power in the port. But she seems to have bad luck with her partners as the last one, the fourth, just asked for a reassignment. Shortly afterwards Beka rescues the scent hound Achoo from being maltreated by her present handler, Ercole Hempstead. On top of all bread prices are rising because there are rumors that the crops that year are bad. But during the riot Tunstall is hurt, leaving him unfit for work for the next weeks.




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