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Page 5: Table Of Contents Notes and accessories We hope you enjoy using this new piece of equipment. Please read these operating instruc- tions before using the equipment for the first time. The Blaupunkt editors are constantly working on making the operating in- structions clearer and easier to under- stand.

Amplifiers You can use all Blaupunkt and Velocity amplifiers. Page 9: Theft Protection Theft protection Detachable control panel Your device is equipped with a detach- able control panel flip-release panel as a theft protection measure. The device is worthless to a thief with- out this control panel. Protect your de- vice against theft by taking the control panel with you whenever you leave your vehicle. The device switches on. To switch off the device, press and hold down button 1 for longer than two seconds.

Page Volume Mute This requires that the navigation sys- tem is connected to the car radio as described in the installation instructions and activated in the menu. You can find out from your Blaupunkt dealer which navigation systems can be used with your car sound system. If you do, you must specify which device is connected to this connection by selecting it in the menu. Press the MENU button 9. If you select the 0 setting, the X-Bass function will be deactivated. Set the value that you want.

In the following menu you can set the red, blue and green colour components yourself. To do so, press the appropriate softkey 5 repeatedly until the displayed col- our suits your tastes. You can connect one or two antennas to the device. If two antennas are con- nected strongly recommended - the second antenna is included , you can use directional reception when tuning into stations in DDA radio mode. This proc- ess developed by Blaupunkt has a similar effect to using a directional antenna.

Reception quality is im- proved considerably, particularly in If the RDS function is activated, the device automatically tunes into the best receivable frequency for the sta- tion that is currently set. Automatic station seek tuning Move the joystick 8 down or up. The radio tunes into the next receiva- ble station. Tuning into stations manually You can also tune into stations manual- Note: You can only tune into stations manual- ly if the RDS function is deactivated. Page Programme Type pty Programme type PTY Besides transmitting the station name, some FM stations also provide informa- tion on the type of programme that they are broadcasting.

Your car radio can receive and display this information. Due to the varying quality of CD blanks, Blaupunkt cannot guarantee that this will work properly. To ensure the system functions properly, only use CDs labelled with the compact disc logo. Page Fast Searching audible CD MODE Fast searching audible To fast search backwards or forwards, press and hold down the joystick 8 in one direction up or right for forwards or down or left for back- wards until fast searching begins.

Setting scrolling text You can allow the CD text to be dis- played as scrolling text in the bottom line of the display. Page Selecting A Directory Selecting a directory Selecting from the directory list You can display a list of all the directo- ries on the inserted CD and then con- veniently select a directory from it.

The directories are displayed with the names that you created when burning the CD. Configuring the display There are various options available for displaying the name of the artist, track and album ID3 tag or the directory and file name. Press and hold down the joystick OK 8 for longer than two sec- onds.

The subsequent tracks on the CD are briefly played in ascending order. Note: You can set the scanning time. The names can be a maximum of seven charac- ters long.


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