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Detailed, foolproof instructions show how to make each jig and use it-and your rediscovered router. Where the "Woodworking with The emphasis here is answering your question of "how can I build a flumfungwoozle to do XYZ? I hope that makes sense. Given this difference in organization, the "Router Magic I own both. I read "Woodworking with I would recommend both, but "Woodworking with Very good router table plans, and jigs!

By Cabby on Jan 01, The router table plans are worth the price of admission. Simple design, instructions and operation.

The technique for assembling the router table also serves as an excellent instrucional guide on how to build a counter top and apply and properly trim laminate. Highly recommend to beginners and intermediate woodworkers. A Must-read for all levels of routists.

By Iddgit on Dec 12, While the jigs do require attention to detail to get the most use out of, certainly most of them could be made a bit sloppily and still be worth an attempt. No, I did not make the turning jig at the end The book does not cover things like "what kind of bits should I buy at first" and "what do I do if I run my router bit through my aluminum t-slot". If you own a router and know how to make even bad cuts with it, you should read this through and find ways to make your life easier.

Just make the 2 or 3 basic ones all of which take less than a weekend to make--usually hours once you have the materials and make the others as you need them.

Again, it may be a bit intimidating at first read, but all of the details are there and after a second read of a jig, they will come to life for you. He hit the router table design right on the head. Great design, I stole some components and added them to my existing clunker to make it more useful.

Good book! This is no router initiation book that teaches bit maintenance and such but focuses on jigs to make the work easier. Although certain jigs are a bit more complicated than others, I find that I could easily build any of the jigs except the turning table in a weekend. I think that the person who wrote a review saying that this book is complicated must really be under confident.

This book contains plans and instructions to build every possible jig for a router! I recommend it! The last "jig" in this book is by far the most creative use of a router I have seen so far. Its a router lathe built with bicycle parts, that turns your router into a "mini" turning machine capable of handling any length of stock and creating beautiful spiral designs.

What a great book! By Wickedwood on Nov 03, This is fun to read. The drawings are detailed and the writing is very well written. There are so many things that I learned by reading this book. It will make you say It will open your mind up to possibilites not just limited to Routers.

Even if you have no plans to build any of the jigs, you will certainly learn to think about fabricating other things in your shop to make wood working more accurate. Welte on Apr 06, I got this book a few years ago and got some great ideas from it. I did find that there are a lot of steps missing to get from point A to point B. I found measurements that were incorrect and very fustrating.

Well to cut the dados they refer you to a fence earlier in the book. To make that fence, you need the router table. Poorly organized. Excellent book By J. Pyle on Nov 06, The subtitle says it all. There are jigs for everything in this book -- routing circles, mortises, all types of edge joints, dadoes, etc. An excellent resource. There are lots of detailed instructions for construction and use of all the jigs and router tables. The author is very readable. If this is your first router book purchase, look at "Woodworking with the Router" by the same author.

This is a good companion book. I made the router table described By Hotair hotmail. Overall, there are some great ideas here. Go with his update By Steven L. This book was out of date and redundant with his newer, more comprehensive book. His other book was Professional router jigs and techniques that any woodworker can use or something like that. Great for all levels of woodworking. Unlike most persons who enjoy woodworking, I do not have a good sense of spatial relations.

So I need clear and specific illustrations and photos to go with the clear and specific text. This book has both, abundantly. My experience with a router was many years ago, when we were living in a house we were remodeling because we did not have the money to tear it down and start over.

The work I did was practical and necessary -- and I made only limited use of the vast capabilities of a router. Recently, I bought a nice Porter-Cable router with regular base, plunge base, and two collets. Next purchase was "Router Magic". What a book. It has a huge range of information.

For someone like me, there are basics, and illustrations of the good results when something is done right, and the bad results when done wrong. Oh, I hope I can really build the router lathe Hylton shows, and do some truly esoteric turnings. Probably no one will use all of the book, because we are all at different levels of proficiency. The book is designed to be used in a shop. A bargain at almost any price. Great ideas at a great price By Kirk B on Jan 29, I have found several very useful ideas in this book.

I am sure most of these jigs can be found elsewhere. In fact the author usually tells you where he first saw the idea. Somebody else has probably all ready done it, what ever your refering to. What this book does well is tell you how somebody else made a good jig and several ways to use it. I think the big advantage to this book is that you can find it for such a great price.

Shows how to build some often used jig and fixtures as well as some advanced items. Building and using these items will increase your skill levels and help you cut some time off of your project builds. The book contains charts and tables to help perform layout and router operations. A must have for the person just starting out using routers, or for the seasoned woodworker as a reference book.

Excellent book By Kerry Pierce on Dec 26, I own several of this type book and this one is right at the top of the heap, better than most, for the material it provides. The author is thorough and presents the material well, in an easy to follow and understand manner. There are some very interesting jigs and all of them have good instructions, material lists and even parts suppliers.

That will make a great pair of router tables. Thanks, Mr. This book has been really useful around the workshop By Peter A. Carter on Sep 26, This book has been really useful around the workshop. The jigs are all well explained with lots of photos. I use this all the time. I know how to use basic handtools with some degree of confidence, but not when it comes to the more advanced levels.

My "power" tools consist of a drill, a random orbital sander, a jigsaw, and a circular saw -- nothing in a stationary setup like a drillpress or a table saw. But I really want to learn all the skills necessary to at least perform rudimentary tasks.

He covers a lot of details in this book -- everything from the nuts and bolts and other parts of various types of routers, to maintenance, to the mechanics of operating these various types of routers. The book has excellent photos as well as illustrations for these techniques.

It also provides lots of information on making jigs to suit your projects. Wonderful By Woodworker on Jan 08, Author has some of the greatest original ideas presented with clarity and a pleasing informal style.

This woodworker was able to combine several of his ideas into the same baseplates, jigs, and templates. The router is such a versatile tool that most of the accessories you use with it, you make with the router itself, and Mr.


Router Magic by Bill Hylton



Bill Hylton’s Frame & Panel Magic (Popular Woodworking)



Router Magic: Jigs, Fixtures, and Tricks to Unleash Your Router's Full Potential



Router Magic: Jigs, Fixtures and Tricks to Unleash Your Router's Full Potential by Bill Hylton


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