Moogushakar Got it, continue to print. What makes the Ultrapatch so special is its flexibility. Page of 4 Go. Behringer UltraPatch Pro PX Patch Bay Connected through the patch bay, you can choose how the signal will or will not be routed when you patch the cables in.

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First of all, they are pretty much the cheapest you are going to find for patch bays. They are by Behringer, which unfortunately has a reputation for noisy, low quality equipment. However, in my experience, their products are usually just ruined by lousy power amps.

The power amps they use in other products cause a lot of noise and distortion in your program material. Then there is the issue of craftsmanship. After switching it between racks a couple of times, the faceplate on the patch bay came loose and eventually fell off. I ended up having to super glue it in place! In addition to that, at this point after a few solid years of use I am now experiencing connectivity issues with a select few of the jacks. This raises another question of low quality craftsmanship.

Did you find this review helpful? Rack indsestructible " Behringer Ultrapatch Pro PX 4 1 year and a half of use, is sturdy, good weld I do not like the switches above, franchment for 1 euro more ca coutait what the selectors to 5 mm above? I have other Fostex Patch, Hosa etc..

This is a patch jacks 48 points and 48 frontage in the rear. There are plenty of opportunities wiring, Normalized, normalized half etc but switch are on the top of the box so faith rack set are no longer available, sorry. Level quality is not great, should not be too asked him is not made for heavy use. Say that I recommend to put the key devices but it can make some services. Anyway this is not the best choice but if you find a good deal why not. What is so special that you like best?

The features are interesting, 24 outs in 24 pre-wired with switches to select the modes of connection What is so special that you like least? The problem comes from the finish, it repisse still a bit of an edge to another, the female jacks have a little game and when you plug crachotent, although the metallic appearance inspires confidence, I lose too much time to eliminate unwanted noise, and often I have left free the patch and go live.

What is your opinion about the value for the price? Certainly for the bargain price he was not asking too much Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? For 20 euros why not if you have a small budget, a small home studio and that we want s to initiate use of a patch, but honestly, it s seems to be a tool whose sole purpose is to deteriorate your chain of sound; PS: Nott No I have nothing against Behringer usually, the brand offers a useful tool if used under conditions consistent do not expect to replace a high-end console with XENYX But this patch does seem to me simply not be used without risk courrir But it was not necessary to accder daily in a fixed place.

In dplacement, a gaffer and shot ca move. Even if the isolation and solid are not exceptional, the price ca being able to easily change the routing of my little setup, especially since I did not normment space. The hosts bote 24 modules of 4 jack connectors symtriques 6. Each module can be configured parralle mode, semi-normal normal or open.

Briefly, a small patch that will fit the milieu of a stockade of jacks! FYI, I use mine for over 4 years and has no worries! I have a connection Neutric, Snnake.

No problem findings. The inters are practical. Fo not use them every day, but for a semi Fixed rach mobile is well trs. This is a patch Behringer Switches are really in the wrong place Connectors crack after a year of use more than reasonable.

Tip: Neutrik 3 people did not find this review helpful Did you find this review helpful? It works okay, but should not ask him to do more than its price. But once the rack ends more ACCS switces wrong place. He snores and transplanted parasites. I do not think either the wiring or my neutrick only or a default of my camera, but a weakness of the model.

But then in some cases it makes many services, we can not overwhelm all the ills of the earth normal when there is snoring


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