Mukus And what color is tacrics hair? Can you describe it, please? Are you practicing for the Olympic Games or something? I went skiing A: Want to play with me and my friends tonight? Tactics for listening 3rd edition developing work book 53 21 0.

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A: Mr Wilson? B: Hmm… just a minute First name Joseph? B: A: Okay Do you want Cindy to call you? B: Yes, and my number is A: Okay And will you call again later?

Do you remember me? And is it straight or curly? B: Green! B: Cindy? Is she blond? B: How old, sir? A: Blond, and pretty long Too long!

B: Is she around 13, about average height, with short blond hair? B: David? Do you take sleeping pills? I used to have that problem A: Oh, yeah? Do you think I should see the doctor? B: It may not be anything serious Have you tried taking vitamins? A: Yeah Sometimes the pain is so bad I can hardly move B: Do you spend a lot of time in front of a computer?

A: Yeah! B: Hmm… Is that the tenth? A: p. A: We can play computer games this weekend, and maybe play soccer next weekend A: Where are you working now, Ron? How about going out for lunch? Where are you running off to? B: Sure What time? Can you help me, Dad? B: Sure What are you looking for? A: Where are the car keys? B: I saw it under the sofa this morning A: Oh, no, what about my glasses? See you later A: Is this your family, Jack?

Is Mary home? B: Great He just graduated from college A: Is he working now? Is Tina your sister? Are you an only child? I play a lot of golf Do you play? Can you tell me the time, please? Have you been in Tokyo long? Where you jog? How are the sneakers? B: Much better today! B: What about her? A: Hey, Jack Did you have a good vacation? B: We went to Disneyland, but my kids were fighting all the time A: Sue, what movie is on the flight?

Are you still looking for a good used computer? B: Oh, that? How many rooms does it have? How was your trip to Italy? Can I try this dress on?

Nice to meet you Are you from Thailand? Let me find a bigger pair 4 A: Are those jeans all right? Is it too tight? B: Do you have A: How about next to the door, against the wall? B: To the left of the door? A: You mean in front of the window? It was a month ago A: Oh! I forgot Are you practicing for the Olympic Games or something? B: Me? I travel A: What do you mean, you travel? B: Well, I ride my bike about 20 miles every weekend 5 A: Wow! What happened?

B: On the 6th A: And when are you leaving? B: Yes, I do A: Do you like volleyball? B: Yeah, I play volleyball during the week A: Want to play with me and my friends tonight?

B: Yes, and my number is 27 A: 27 Okay And will you..


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