By one estimate, almost three-quarters of Parisians did not make the — francs a year required for a minimal standard of living. Individuals willing to adapt to the rules of this new society could sometimes ascend into its upper echelons from modest backgrounds, much to the distaste of the established wealthy class. In he published Les Chouans , the first novel to which he signed his own name; this was followed by Louis Lambert , Le Colonel Chabert , and La Peau de chagrin One of these aspects which fascinated Balzac was the life of crime.

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Shelves: classics , core , No doubts on my part. This novel deserves a 5-star rating. Challenge my rating if you want and I know I can defend it, tooth and nail.

However, that plot seems to be just No doubts on my part. However, that plot seems to be just secondary to the story of a young man, Eugene de Rastignac who uses all the opportunities for him to climb the social ladder. The good thing about Rastignac is that even if he uses other people, he is also a caring and sensitive man. Maybe I am already old and a father myself so I felt so sad reading the lamentations of the dying poor Goriot. My heart ached while he says this to Eugene about his daughters refusing to visit him: "God, if I could only hold their hands in mine, I would not feel any pain at all.

It should be the same feeling when we were kids and we wanted our parents to hold our hands as we walked outside for the first time. We were afraid. As for literary significance, Le Pere Goriot started the use of recurring characters and the story goes that the eureka moment happened when Balzac was writing this and declared that he thought we would be rich because of the idea.

In this novel, the characters of Eugene de Rastignac and Vautrin, among others, appear in his succeeding works. Surprisingly, the writing is easy to understand and definitely not archaic. The parts involving Vautrin particularly the plot to kill the husband of a rich wife that Rastignac can marry at first gave me that feeling that this would be a crime thriller but it was just used to illustrate what Rastignac could be capable of doing to be rich.

Oh dear, my first Balzac and definitely will not be my last.


Ojciec Goriot - streszczenie



Père Goriot


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