This again is like a history lesson that I will be tested on, and the dialogue method of advancing the story is stilted and ridiculous. I felt most of the first half was spent recapping what happened during previous entries in this series and again, the dialogue was stilted and ridiculous. Did I say boring? I meant to. Please make the correction.

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However, I have much more underwater imagery since than for all the previous years, largely because the last few years have seen my brother Alan develop his professional focus as an underwater photographer and videographer his TV series, The Fish Finders , is in its fourth season on The World Fishing Network. There are even some images below taken by my teenage daughter, an experienced snorkeller who has spent many hours freediving with me on the wrecks of Fathom Five National Marine Park in Canada as well as off England and Wales, and in the summer of became a qualified open-water diver herself.

The last decade or so also marks a diversification of my fieldwork as a maritime archaeologist. Before then, my main focus had been on the ancient wrecks of the Mediterranean, including numerous survey and excavation projects off Italy, Tunisia, Turkey and elsewhere, from the time of my first expedition as a student to Sicily in Many of these wrecks are as archaeologically rich as those from antiquity, yet are poorly known and documented.

Al of these sites, in the Mediterranean, in UK waters and in Canada, feed my fictional imagination, and my own underwater exploration will continue to be a vital backdrop to my novels into the future. You can also follow my explorations and discoveries on my Facebook page and at Cornwall Maritime Archaeology.

Click on the images below to enlarge. The wreck was discovered by local divers in and designated under the Protection of Wrecks Act. I took the film you can see top right during that first snorkel dive. It has also appeared widely in the dive press. At one point the BBC article was the third most read item on their news site nationally, and the eighth internationally.

The water was very cold - 1 degree C see the computer readout below! The first of his films in 4K is here.

These were both amazing dives and Alan captured them brilliantly on film.

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The Gods of Atlantis

Early life[ edit ] Gibbins was born in in Saskatoon , Saskatchewan , Canada, to British parents who were academic scientists. He qualified as a scuba diver in Canada at the age of 15, and since then has dived extensively around the world. In — he was part of an international team excavating a 5th-century BC shipwreck off Turkey. His publications on ancient shipwreck sites have appeared in scientific journals, books and popular magazines. Since he had been a full-time writer and independent scholar.


David Gibbins




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