Faelrajas Soon the chsrlene alphas are competing to bring Chandra the most ecstasy, but only one man will claim her. Jul 02, Lamaya booklit rated it liked it. You see how all the men interact with one another tegglia both human and wolf form. Jan 09, Amber Brownlow rated it it was amazing.

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Coming March 17, to St. If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this page. Copyright Charlene Teglia St. One minute, I was alone in the Tysons Corner leather store organizing stock. Rehanging jackets that had been tried on and decided against, or more likely tried on for no better reason than to get me to turn around and reach up to unhook them. It had been that kind of afternoon. And then the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. In which case I would calmly and quietly open up the register and let the crackheads clean it out.

The voice was deep, masculine, and sort of growly. The owner of the voice exhaled and warm breath moved over the exposed skin at the nape of my neck.

I turned, putting a little space and the brown leather bomber jacket I was holding between us in the process. Now I could see who I was dealing with. His eyes were dark brown lit with amber. His hair matched his eye color and fell just to the tops of his shoulders although the natural curl made it look shorter. Maybe he really had just come in for a jacket.

Not that it made much of a barrier, but it was something. My hands stayed right where they were, at about middle height where they could block low or high without having to travel the full distance either way. He gave me a measuring look, and then obligingly moved to the display of bomber jackets. I breathed a little easier when he put a couple of feet between us. He lifted a sleeve for closer inspection as he said it. I smiled, but my lips were tight over my teeth.

That was a good tactic for getting somebody to relax and trust you; use their name. It had the opposite effect on me, coming from him. I knew what the books said, but I was pretty sure it really meant my birth parents were liberal arts students with more romantic ideas than money or sense.

Although part of me had always wondered if that was so I could be tracked down eventually. Everybody does. Do you want to buy that? He looked like he was laughing at me. Toying with me. It seemed to me that he drew the motions out deliberately, like he was putting on a show for me. I watched the way he moved, but not because I was taken in by a nice body.

I noted the harnessed power in his movements and mentally upgraded his strength significantly over my initial estimate. I was too likely to lose a physical confrontation, no matter how many dirty tricks I knew. He was solid and graceful and he knew how to use his body to advantage. My eyes followed his hands. The jacket looked good on him. I suspected pretty much anything would.

He quirked a brow at me. Twenty per cent off. Would you like to wear that out? Everything about him screamed stranger danger, no matter how hot he looked in tight jeans and boots and a leather bomber. So he had money. It might conceivably make him an even greater threat. Which made me even happier about selling it to him. What was that crack about my mom? When two other store employees came on and my shift ended, I was glad to leave.

Zach had not been most guys. So I made my way to the entrance nearest my car and headed towards my parking spot. I walked quickly but steadily, head up, eyes forward, the keys ready in my hand. A trio got out of a car near mine, two men and a woman. Except they did, because they moved towards me and spread out making a sort of loose net. They were too close for me to safely get my door unlocked and inside, so I turned to put the side of my car at my back and drew my feet into the cat stance.

It looked like a neutral pose to the average person. The back of my neck was prickling again and goose bumps marched up and down my skin. I ignored the distraction and kept the three of them in my field of vision. Which is why I saw Zach before they did. He appeared behind them, seemingly out of nowhere, and maneuvered himself in front of me so fast I blinked.

I had a sudden vision of Zach and myself in orange prison garb and swallowed a laugh. His bitch? Was she kidding? Neither of the men looked Hispanic to me.

I went cold. Had I stumbled into some sort of gang-related turf struggle? Thanks, Zach. After that, things happened fast and I missed most of it because Zach was hard to see around. But when it ended, the three of them were down. Zach grabbed my wrist, plucked the keys from my hand, and unlocked my car, pushing me inside and following me in one uninterrupted move. I scooted over the gearshift and into the passenger seat, my back to the door, my fingers reaching for the handle to open it and jump out the other side.

Zach caught the arm closest to him in a grip that was hard enough to hurt. The shirt had a new rip in it. That was dumb. Leather might have protected him. Belly, ribs, chest, all of it strong and beautiful and warm to the touch, and none of it marked by any sign of injury. I took my hand away, let his tee shirt fall back into place, and sat back. Taken a wound for me.

And now it had somehow vanished? He pressed a warm kiss to the back of my hand. Heat shivered over me. Next time there might be more of them, or they might be quicker. They could be quicker than that? I mentally kissed my job good-bye and wondered how fast I could find another one. Or maybe I should simply move on. You need to come home. Anybody sleeping next to him might be sleeping in a danger zone. It was more the promise of a kiss than the real thing, a brush of lips, a breath of heat. It was enough to send my heart stumbling and make my blood rush.

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