Let me say first that in spite of the tag-line it actually has almost nothing to do with devils, or "demon possession" as such. One is simply that it misrepresents the book. But I think the worst thing about it is that sales need to be boosted to begin with. This is a book that should be read. It also deals with an alleged case of demon possession: that is also true.

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Aldous Huxley

Huxley composed this passage to shed light on the mind of a thoroughly unlikeable individual by the name and title of Father Urban Grandier, in particular. But he also offered it as a more general analysis of the mindset afflicting those who burned Grandier to death—with the approval of both the Catholic Church and the State of France—for being a sorcerer in In the context of the entire work, this passage was part of a close inspection of the susceptibility of humanity to moral panics, show-trials, and mob justice across the ages. For, although The Devils of Loudun is a book about particular persons at a particular time in a particular place and the atrocities they committed, it is more obviously an inquiry into the reality of demons and their inception. And it carries a particular relevance for our fevered political moment, replete with monomaniacal intersectionalists, prosyletizers for utopian ethno-states, religious fanatics, Antifa vandals, paranoid anti-Semites, millenarian conspiracists, and virtually anyone else called upon by some Hegelian or Abrahamic doctrine to ceaselessly fusillade public discourse with slurs and bitter invective. Shortly after his arrival, Grandier abused his position of power and influence to flout his vows of celibacy and sleep with, and then discard, a series of widows.


[PDF] The Devils of Loudun Book by Aldous Huxley Free Download (400 pages)

Julia was the niece of poet and critic Matthew Arnold and the sister of Mrs. Humphry Ward. His brother Julian Huxley and half-brother Andrew Huxley also became outstanding biologists. Aldous had another brother, Noel Trevenen Huxley — , who took his own life after a period of clinical depression. After Hillside he went on to Eton College.


A Mania for All Seasons: The Continuing Importance of ‘The Devils of Loudun’


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