Contemporary versions of this trope are typically unconvincing, at least outside of Harlequin Presents type over the top fantasies, but I find the same satisfaction in a good romantic suspense where characters are on the run and have to work together to survive. Well, I was right. Since this book has been out so long, my reflections will be full of spoilers. Do I need a plot summary? Lucy Jones lives as a poor relations with her aunt and cousins, one of whom, Sebastian Arrington, proposes marriage to her in the opening scene. Sebastian and Anna fall for each other, while Lucy and James, though less starstruck, are also drawn to each other.

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Buy This Book This book follows a House Party plot: A group of characters travel to a central location for a large event in this case, a wedding , find themselves thrown together, and romance ensues. The focus in this novel is on two families, the Arringtons and the Wright-Gordons. Lucy Jones is the penniless cousin of the wealthy Arrington siblings. Her uncle rescued her from the workhouse after the death of her parents, and her cousin Portia has never let her forget it.

Marriage to Sebastian means security for Lucy and her two younger brothers. Raised in the lap of luxury, James and Anna have never wanted for anything. A wounded James withdraws from society and ventures back to his family home to lick his wounds. His sister, Anna, is a bright, independent-minded young lady who seems to be the polar opposite of shallow Portia Arrington. Lucy is sketching a landscape when two riders come galloping by. James is thrown, the wind is knocked out of him, and he opens his eyes to an angelic Lucy.

While some of the resolutions are unexpectedly simple, others prove to be much more thorny. The resolution to the secret betrothal, for example, threatens the budding friendship between Anna and Lucy. A Marriage of Inconvenience is very charming. It reminded me of older, lighter Regencies, a la Georgette Heyer, where the focus is more on the characters getting to know each other intellectually rather than physically.

There are times, however, where Lucy seems almost too good to be true. As I got to know the characters, I came to appreciate their quirks and passions. The ending is satisfying for Lucy and James, but not so much for Anna, whose fast-moving relationship with Sebastian takes a surprisingly dark turn. Buy A Marriage of Inconvenience:.


A Marriage of Inconvenience

Miss Lucy Jones has lived with her aristocratic relatives, the Arringtons, ever since the death of her parents at the age of nine. Penniless and powerless, Lucy learns to keep quiet and stay obedient. The book starts with a completely unexpected proposal of marriage from Sebastian to Lucy, which she accepts. Now, everything gets a little complicated. At the same time, there is a growing attraction between Lucy and James. It becomes clear pretty quickly that Sebastian is the evil guy of the story.


A Marriage of Inconvenience

Mataxe View all 20 comments. The Arringtons and Wright-Gordons 2 books. Still — I am very, very impressed. Plus for once the bad guy was taller and better looking than the hero.


A Marriage of Inconvenience by Susanna Fraser

Her youthful efforts featured talking horses, but she now writes Regency-set historicals with a focus on the soldiers who fought the Napoleonic Wars. For more information on Susanna and her books, visit susannafraser. Read an Excerpt Essex, May "Marry you? She closed her mouth and looked down at her clasped hands. She could not stop her heart from trying to gallop its way out of her chest, but she could and did force herself to breathe slowly and steadily. This was the very thing she had always wanted most, the thing she would have dreamed of had she permitted herself dreams.



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