Synopsis[ edit ] This historical fiction novel centers around the point of view of Rehana Haque, a widowed mother who struggles through Bangladesh Liberation War as both her children become increasingly involved with the war efforts. The book ends 16 December , the day that the treaty is signed and Bangladesh gained their independence. She grew up in Calcutta , India in poverty after her father, an Indian aristocratic lost their fortune from bad luck and worse advice. She moves to East Pakistan after the marriage to Iqbal Haque. Her native tongue is Urdu. She and her unborn child died in the hospital.

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Start your review of A Golden Age Write a review Shelves: bought-it-to-read Some khademul Islam from Daily star has said that this book is a definitive novel on ! Who is this man? Is he from Pakistan or outer planet? Please, send him a copy of The days of by Jahanara Imam. Okay, before I say other things, first a little about Tahmima.

Thus naturally She has very faint idea about Bengalis and her book says so. Now she is from Harvard, so it becomes her responsibility to write a novel to keep alive the University tradition. Like uncle Ben of Peter Parker, we also can say, With big degree comes big responsibility to write a book! Now what to do! When she has a Bengali origin, why should not she encash the year of ?

Following are the few points at which I felt immense amazement disappointment also : 1. The book opens with a description of a party that Rehana was hosting.

The main item was biriyani and as a sweet dish there was jilapi at the end. Wait, Jilapi! In my whole life I have never seen that jilapi is given as the sweet dish. Have you? Then 25 th of march. The days of Rehana, Sohail and Maya was in the house of Mrs. Chowdhury where out of panic, Mrs. Chowdhury forced her daughter Silvi to marry Sabeer.

The behavior of the characters that Tahmima portrayed throughout the book are simply illogical and out of consistency.

At the same night Mrs. What a Dog-to-Dog resemblance! After 25 th, refugees came to find a shelter at the house, Shona. Rehana instantly cooked chicken dishes, korma, okra etc. Is not it strange! So far I can imagine, Dhaka is a populated city. The guerrilla boys brought their severely wounded Major to Shona one night.

A doctor operated him and major tooke shelter for nearly one month. Sometimes Aref or Joy or the Doctor used to come there. Then, I did not understand, Why maya, who is a member of communist party and a supporter of Mukti Judha did not want to shelter Major!! Sudden mood change due to hormonal imbalance? Rehana took care of major and provided breakfast, lunch and dinner to him. Rehana went with Faiz to bring Sabeer from jail in a car!

Faiz was reading a English newspaper where Maya, from Calcutta has published an essay in support of guerrilla war. Newspaper, in English? In ? Without military censorship? One does not need to cross Howrah Bridge to reach Saltlake from Calcutta. Throughout the novel you will not be able to differentiate the seasons, day or night, morning and noon, afternoon and evening. At the morning it is foggy, at noon sun is blazing!

In December night, fan is at full speed! Rehana and Maya were sleeping side by side in a bed. At night major came and lifted Rehana from her bed and carried to Shona. They made love for whole night and Maya could not know that her mother is absent from bed!!! How did major entered the home at all? Is this usual for the Dhakha habitants to go to sleep without locking their doors? Major is even older than Rehana!! These are only few cases that I mentioned.

I can find faults in every pages and put exclamation marks every alternate lines. But I am feeling tired. Finally, the incidents of is always a hot selling topic and no doubt Tahmima wanted to encash it. She is very much successful in selling her books.


A Golden Age



And ne'er the twain shall meet



Tahmima Anam


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