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It sets a new benchmark for audio excellence with its best-in-class dB of dynamic range in a bit, 8-channel DAC. For additional convenience and flexibility, the UDP can convert digital signals from cable and satellite boxes, televisions, video game consoles and other digital transports with coaxial and optical digital outputs to analog.

This unique design significantly reduces jitter and eliminates timing errors, allowing you to enjoy your music with increased accuracy when you use the audio-only HDMI output port for connecting the audio signal.

Dedicated Stereo Output In addition to the 7. By transmitting a pair of differential signals, the balanced output provides better common-mode noise rejection and improves signal quality. The 7. Listeners can enjoy the full benefit of MQA-encoded music with studio-quality sound. The UDP has separate power supplies for digital and analog circuitry to eliminate virtually all harmful interference. The analog audio circuitry is powered by a massive toroidal power transformer, which provides a very clean and robust power source to the audio components.

Reinforced Chassis Structure The UDP features a brushed aluminum front panel and a metal chassis that continues the tradition of excellent workmanship found in previous generations of OPPO universal players. Four heavy-guage machined feet provide a stable foundation for the UDP, and isolate it from outside vibration.

A new double-layered chassis further enhances the rigidness and vibration-canceling capabilities. The high quality metal construction is designed to impress and to perform. Fanless Passive Cooling The internal layout and chassis design promote healthy air flow so critical components can be naturally cooled.

Strategically placed heatsinks and ventilation grilles allow the UDP run both cool and quiet without the need for internal or external fans. The thermal design has been optimized, analyzed, and stress-tested to ensure reliable operation for years to come.

The UDP is also capable of playing 4K media files and user generated content. The enhanced resolution, refined contrast, greater brightness, and expanded color produce stunning video with unparalleled clarity and detail. In addition to supporting the HDR10 format on discs and video files, it is also capable of providing an accurate conversion of HDR to SDR for older displays, as well as conversion between various color spaces such as BT.

Dolby Vision Dolby Vision transforms the TV viewing experience by delivering striking highlights, brilliant colors, and deep darks never before seen on standard television screens. With the latest firmware, UDP is the first Ultra HD Blu-ray player in the world to bring this powerful cinema technology into home theaters. Dolby Vision encoded discs and a Dolby Vision enabled television are required to enjoy the full benefits of Dolby Vision. High Precision Disc Loader A high-precision, well-balanced laser optical disc loader ensures smooth and reliable playback of all types of disc media.

The solid build quality not only presents a sleek aesthetic, but also ensures dependable operation and reliable connection. Users can play video, music and photos from USB hard drives or thumb drives. Home Network Access Built-in Roon Ready Roon is an incredibly rich and engaging way to browse and organize your music.

Together, Roon and OPPO deliver the power, flexibility, and performance of networked audio, with the easiest setup and highest reliability available. High Performance Parts The UDP is designed and built with high quality components that are intended for reaching the level of performance in both audio and video.

HDMI 2. Coaxial and optical digital audio outputs provides backward compatibility with legacy audio components. HDMI Audio: up to 7. XLR 4.





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